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    Hippychick Hipseat

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    The Hippychick Hipseat is a best-selling child product. It is renowned for its durability, style as well as comfort. This is because it is tough and hard wearing. Additionally, it is machine washable, so can go anywhere with you!

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    Babyhood 2 in 1 Baby Bath

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    The babyhood 2 in 1 Bath is made to match both toddlers and infants. The internal moulding enables you to possess your child lying down so that as your child grows in to a toddler they will be in a position to sit upright and match easily in the bath. The 2 in 1 Bath are available having a hose to empty water effortlessly without breaking your back. An OPTIONAL bath stand to suit is available separately too.

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    Babyhood Safety Mesh Bouncer

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    The babyhood safety mesh Bouncer or Bouncinette as they are also know is our best selling baby accessory. It is made from a high quality cotton cover that can be washed and replaced on the frame for drying. This is the best baby bouncinette to buy for your child. Babyhood Baby Bouncinettes are intended for young babies. This mesh bouncinette / bouncer has a wide base to prevent it tipping over and safety straps to secure your child. This is a unique mesh bouncinette in this aspect and the smooth and rounded edges of this mesh bouncer are a great safety feature. The frame of the mesh bouncer has been constructed out of quality steel to give baby a soothing happy rocking motion when lying and playing, as well as a place where baby can be fed or rest close to supervision without being held. The open weave mesh allows maximum air circulation around baby whilst on the baby bouncinette. The babyhood Safety Bouncinette can be taken apart for travelling and storage purposes. When assembling, make sure the frame is firmly secured in accordance with the instructions provided.

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    Minimonkey Baby Carrier

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    The Minimonkey Baby Carrier is a baby carrier that bears the weight on the hip, back and abdomen, instead of relying on the shoulders! This amazing innovative carrier can be used for newborns up and until 3 years old (max 18kg) in 4 different positions. It is user friendly, ergonomic, safe and above all a carrier that makes the child extremely light to carry. The Minimonkey baby carrier is developed in collaboration with several medical specialists: Just try it – and feel the difference! Features: * Watch the instruction video to see how it works* * * Please note the video has adjustable straps at the front, the new version only has adjustable straps on the back