Product Reviews

Bubs n Grubs recognise the value of real product reviews from real owners of the products that we sell.

All of our product reviews on our site will display that the review has been placed by a verified owner. This means that they purchased this product from this website.

Given the many issues with 3rd party websites with false reviews, either from competitors or by disgruntled employees or people who for “personal reasons” want to either promote or denigrate a product – we believe this feature showing real reviews is of great value to our customers.

After a customer purchases a product from us, we randomly write to customers and ask them to take a few minutes to write a review about the product that they purchased and their experience to help other customers decide if the product is right for their specific needs based on their real world experience.

For the time they take to do this, we may offer a coupon code as our way of saying thanks for taking the time to help others via our web site. We do this regardless of weather it is a positive or negative review of the product. As long as it is factually correct and they are the real owner of a product that has been purchased from this website.

Watch the Video Below To see how it works!

Bubs n Grubs Customer Product Reviews Video


Below are some of the top reviewed products