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Our Pram and Stroller Accessories will make life easier with our great range from stroller liners and pram liners through to cup holders, stroller travel bags, stroller toys to keep baby entertained, car seat adapters to convert your pram into a travel system, rain covers , second seats and more…


Check out our range of high-quality stroller accessories including organisers, buggy boards, weather covers, bassinets and carry cots and more.

  • 10% Off! Mothers Choice Stroller Essentials Kit

    Mothers Choice Stroller Essentials Kit

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    The Mothers Choice Stroller Essentials Kit is a must have for any pram or stroller. The Kit includes a Pram Cup Holder, Two Stroller Hooks and a great Mobile Phone Holder. It has everything you need for the busy on the go parents. You will love the difference these pram accessories make to your pram life. You can even use your phone for navigation while you push! Answer calls while walking or even select songs. The Cup Holder has a large diameter for your larger water bottles or large coffee cups. Stroller hooks will be your best friend and make life easy when you hook your shopping bags and nappy bag on the pram or stroller.

  • 6% Off! Thule Chariot Sport2 3

    Thule Chariot Sport2 Black

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    The Thule Chariot Sport2 is the ultimate trailer, jogger and buggy for kids with great performance, comfort and style for athletes and their kids. This Black version includes cycling, strolling and jogging kit. Your Childrens' Chariot Awaits ... For everyone from the serious athlete to the dedicated weekend warrior inside us all, the Thule Chariot Sport 2 Child Trailer is the only suitable chariot for your tiny loved ones. It provides plenty of cargo space for whatever activities you are doing and is capable of carrying up to 2 passengers with a maximum combined weight of 45kg. ETA FOR DISPATCH: END OF JULY APPROXIMATELY

  • 39% Off! Munchkin Brica Drink Pod

    Munchkin Brica Drink Pod

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    With a Munchkin Brica Drink Pod, you will stay hydrated (or caffeinated!) while on the go. This handy drink holder keeps your soda, water or iced double mocha latte level and within reach while you push your stroller or go shopping. You could even give your child easy access to their sippy cup for a hassle-free trip. The new Flexi-Grip™ strap fits most stroller frames, beach chairs and shopping carts in seconds and pops into the dishwasher for easy cleanup. Whether you are stopping or going… zigging or zagging… your drink stays secure!

  • Up to 11% Off! Uppababy Changing Backpack Noa

    UPPAbaby Changing Backpack

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    SAVE Up to $18 Off RRP!

    The UPPAbaby Changing Backpack is like a nappy bag that can be used on your back or on the stroller. This unique and Uppababy Colour Matching backpack will store all your on-the-go needs in this chic Changing Backpack. Like the UPPAbaby strollers, it's premium fabrics and leather detailing coordinate beautifully. It's practical with adjustable straps and multiple storage compartments to help you gear up and head out in style.

  • 12% Off! Uppababy Reversible Seat Liner – Alice Straighton

    UPPAbaby Reversible Seat Liner – ALICE

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    With the UPPAbaby Reversible Seat Liner – ALICE, you can keep the stroller seat on your UPPAbaby Vista or Cruz safe from spills by simply using the new Reversible Seat Liner. The UPPAbaby Reed blue which perfectly complements any Vista or Cruz fashion. One side is a water resistant material, and the other is a cozy knit for cooler days - Padded liner adds comfort and protection and keeps your stroller looking clean. And here's the best part, it's machine washable and compatible with all VISTA, CRUZ and MINU strollers!

  • 7% Off! Veer Bug Shield

    Veer Bug Shield

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    The Veer Bug Shield zips to the Veer Retractable Canopy (sold separately) and stretches across top of Cruiser to help keep bugs away from little ones. Use of the bug shield is suitable for one seated passenger. Note that the Bug Shield comes standard with the Nap System.

  • 19% Off! Veer Cup Holders

    Veer Cup Holders Set of 2

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    Veer Cup Holders are perfectly sized to accept containers from a Swell water bottle to a Yeti tumbler. Two cup holders come standard with every Cruiser. The Cruiser conveniently accepts six for those special events. Each pack includes 2 Cup Holders. Note: Every Cruiser comes equipped with 2 Cup Holders.

  • 18% Off! Veer Drink & Snack Tray Hero

    Veer Drink & Snack Tray

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    SAVE $17.95 Off RRP!

    The Veer Snack & Drink Tray comes standard with each Cruiser and is a perfect accessory to help toddlers have snacks and drinks at hand for a quick rest stop. For easy storage, the Tray fits nicely in the Veer Foldable Storage Basket (sold separately). If you lose your original Snack & Drink Tray, this is the replacement item you would order.

  • 25% Off! Veer Foldable Rear Storage Basket Rear

    Veer Foldable Rear Basket

    SAVE $34.99 Off RRP!

    The Veer Foldable Rear Basket is designed to add even more cargo space to the Cruiser. The lightweight aluminium and soft-sided storage basket mounts solidly into the Cruiser’s two anchor points behind the rear seat. It folds for easy transport or storage without removal. The soft-sided construction is removable and machine washable. A mesh zipper hood either discreetly rests on the bottom of the basket or doubles the capacity by covering clothes and other bulky items. Drink and Snack Tray and Napper both fit comfortably in this accessory.

  • Up to 20% Off! Veer Infant Car Seat Adaptors Maxi Cosi

    Veer Infant Car Seat Adapter

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    SAVE Up to $19.99 Off RRP!

    The Veer Infant Car Seat Adapter is compatible with major brands of infant car seats quickly and intuitively fasten to the Cruiser’s frame, enabling your infant to live the Veer experience. You can place your car seat in any of four positions: facing you or facing the outside world, and above the front or back seat of Cruiser. The Veer Cruiser can accommodate 1 infant car seat. (For 6mo+ twins, please consider the Toddler Comfort Seat.)

  • 24% Off! Veer Nap System 2

    Veer Nap System

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    SAVE $39.99 Off RRP!

    The Veer Nap System turns your Cruiser into a JPMA safety certified Bassinet. This makes your Cruiser the ultimate rest stop or changing station for young ones. It is suitable from birth up to 9 kg and 69 cm, whichever comes first or until your infant pushes up on their hands and knees. A soft, removable mattress pad is included. The Veer Nap System includes magnets built into the cleanable sidewalls that keep it snug to the Cruiser sidewalls and includes four bungee connection cords that attach to the seat backs to keep little ones safe.

  • 12% Off! Veer Retractable Canopy Top View

    Veer Retractable Canopy

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    SAVE $12.99 Off RRP!

    The Veer Retractable Canopy quickly and intuitively clips onto Cruiser’s frame and easily extends up and down. One or two can be attached above either seat. A peak-a-boo window allows you to see your precious cargo and discreet, hidden magnets hold the window in the up position. Canopy works perfectly with Napper to create the perfect rest stop for young ones.

  • 24% Off! Veer Toddler Comfort Seat Top View 2

    Veer Toddler Comfort Seat

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    SAVE $39.95 Off RRP!

    The Veer Toddler Comfort Seat easily inserts into the Cruiser’s standard seat. This gives your child cushioned comfort and support. It is designed for children from 6 months up to 15kg. It includes a 5-point harness for safety. Soft, padded fabric creates an ultra-comfortable seat and headrest. Hidden magnets on the side wings ensure an easy, snug fit with the side walls. Two Comfort Seats can be used simultaneously (one on each seat). The cruiser will fold when using one Toddler Seat. Comfort Seats can also be used with Veer’s Retractable Canopies.  

  • 21% Off! Veer Travel Bag

    Veer Travel Bag

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    SAVE $42.99 Off RRP!

    Use the Veer Travel Bag to take your Veer Cruiser on trips with you and to keep it safe whilst in transit, be it in the car, train or plane. The Cruiser is perfect for traversing airports with a young family in tow. Whether it’s two youngsters or gear, Cruiser helps keep it all together. The Travel Bag is the perfect jetway companion. Padded in all the right places and made of rugged nylon, it keeps the Cruiser safe when checked at the airport. Simply stand Cruiser upright, slide the bag on top, and fasten with the velcro tabs at the bottom. The Travel Bag will accommodate the Cruiser, Cup Holders, and Tray. ETA FOR DISPATCH: APPROXIMATELY JULY

  • 22% Off! Veer Weather Cover

    Veer Weather Cover

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    SAVE $39.95 Off RRP!

    With the Veer Weather Cover you wont have to let the weather rain on your adventure. This All-Terrain Weather Cover will allow you to keep your passengers warm and dry in rain, snow and wind. Parents love that it is a 3 in 1. As a result, it is very versatile. It can be used for one or two passengers. In addition, you get rear basket coverage when you use it with 1 child.

  • 6% Off! Chicco Soft Carry Cot

    Chicco Goody Soft Carry Cot

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    SAVE $12.95 Off RRP!

    The Chicco Goody Soft Carry Cot is a soft, yet supportive carry cot that can be used with strollers when baby is newborn, or as a stand-alone item. It comes with practical and durable carry handles, a sun canopy for protection, a soft, breathable fabric and excellent inner support.

  • 22% Off! Tiny Love Into The Forest Musical Nature Stroll

    Tiny Love Into the Forest Musical Nature Stroll

    SAVE $9.99 Off RRP!

    The Tiny Love Into the Forest Musical Nature Stroll is a unique stroller arch with musical electronic toy. Inspiration and engagement on the go! In addition, it offers the following developmental wonders: Cognition, Fine Motor Skills and Senses. 7 baby-activated toys offer plenty of fun on-the-go while putting development at babies fingertips and encouraging fine motor skills. Watch the Video Below Now...

  • 23% Off! Tiny Love Sunny Stroll Meadow Days Product

    Tiny Love Sunny Stroll Meadow Days

    SAVE $7.95 Off RRP!

    The Tiny Love Sunny Stroll Meadow Days is a take along flexible toy arc with a heap of toys for entertainment and development of your child. With different baby-activated toys, it offers plenty fun on-the-go and encourages the development of fine motor skills. It is designed for two stages of development: sensory exploration (0m+) and cause & effect learning (5m+). Due to it's Flexibility, the arch bends forwards, backwards, up and down, making it compatible with baby's age and playing preferences.  

  • 22% Off! Tiny Princess Tales Sunny Stroll

    Tiny Princess Tales Sunny Stroll

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    SAVE $9.99 Off RRP!

    The Tiny Princess Tales Sunny Stroll means that entertainment & development is now everywhere you go. Especially designed for baby girls! It has 6 uniquely designed fun and engaging activities that inspire natural learning on the go while promoting fine motor skills and cognition - and all right at baby’s fingertips! Additionally is is designed for two stages of baby’s essential development. For the first 5 months, baby bats at the toys, boosting sensory exploration; at 5+ months, baby begins pulling and holding, exploring the arch in a more sophisticated way.  Watch the Video Below Now...

  • Up to 24% Off! Uppababy Ganoosh Jordan 2022

    UPPAbaby Cozy Ganoosh

    SAVE Up to $66.90 Off RRP!

    The UPPAbaby Cozy Ganoosh has been designed to be compatible with UPPAbaby strollers. It is an ultra-plush footmuff that provides the ultimate coverage to keep your child toasty warm in inclement weather. It is suitable from 3 months to approximately 83.8 cm.

  • 12% Off! Uppababy Seat Liner Reed Blue

    UPPAbaby Seat Liner

    SAVE $10.95 Off RRP!

    The UPPAbaby Seat Liner will help you keep the stroller seat on your UPPAbaby Vista or Cruz clean and safe from spills. The Reed blue colour perfectly complements any Vista or Cruz fashion. The best part is that one side is a water resistant denim material while the other side is a cozy knit for cooler days. The padded liner adds comfort and protection and keeps your stroller looking clean. Additionally, it is Machine washable. Compatible with all VISTA and CRUZ strollers!

  • Up to 31% Off! Maxicosi Stroller Carrycot Laikasoftcarrycot Grey Nomadgrey Ea

    Maxi Cosi Laika Soft Carry Cot

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    SAVE Up to $62 Off RRP!

    The Maxi Cosi Laika Soft Carry Cot will give your baby the best in class comfort and safety for your Maxi Cosi Laika Stroller. The Super comfy soft fabrics combined with the huge UPF 50+ canopy will keep them protected from the harsh elements.  Additionally, it folds dead flat for travel! Best in class comfort with soft fabrics Easy Transitions - can stand independently Suitable for Newborn to approx. 6months (9kg) Light Weight and easy to carry (1.9kgs)  

  • Up to 35% Off! Maxi Cosi Modern Nappy Bag Nomad Grey 03

    Maxi Cosi Modern Nappy Bag

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    SAVE Up to $52 Off RRP!

    The Maxi Cosi Modern Nappy Bag is a versatile and stylish modern bag for the modern mum.  It has been beautifully designed to mat the Maxi Cosi range of Strollers. As a result, it comes in the colour that is neutral and matches almost any pram as well as the maxi cosi prams and strollers.  It is a light weight bag with great storage features. In addition, it has been designed to be easy to use and access. Making the Maxi Cosi Modern Nappy Bag Even Better Value for money, it comes with $50 worth of free accessories including a Zipper Insulated bag, Zipper Bottle carrier/storage bag and Change mat.

  • Up to 26% Off! Newborn Bassinet Black

    Babyzen Yoyo Newborn Kit

    SAVE Up to $112 Off RRP!

    The Babyzen Yoyo Newborn Kit is designed for both the Babyzen Yoyo & the New Babyzen Yoyo+ strollers. It includes the head support, nest pad, foot cover and a rain cover! You can even machine wash it! Babyzen Yoyo Newborn Kit Specifications: Suitable for use in your existing Babyzen Yoyo+ Plus Stroller Frame from 0months+. Includes Canopy Fabric, Canopy Wire, Base Fabrics, Head Support, Nest Pad, Foot Cover & Rain Cover. Easy to remove for cleaning and machine washable at 30 degrees. Babyzen Yoyo+ Plus 4 Wheel Stroller Frame is sold separately.