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Babies usually spend up to 70 percent of every day sleeping during their first year. This is why choosing the right Cot for your Baby is extremely important. Even more important is the mattress which is often forgotten.


Our collection of cots that we have chosen to offer to new parents and grandparents for their newborn baby have been hand picked by our owners. You will be able to select a cot that makes your babies nursery a show piece.


All of the brands that we offer are Australian Brands that not only meet, but also exceed Australian Safety Standards. As a result, they are high quality and safe cots for your nursery.


All of our cribs are sourced from the Australian Manufacturer. Due to this, you can enjoy a real warranty backed by Large Australian Brands.


We have a wide range to choose from leading brands including Babyhood, Childcare, Bebe Care, Sunbury, Kaylula, Kidsmill, Sunbury and more. All of our brands are specialists in cots for your nursery. They are not general furniture brands trying to sell cots as well.


In addition, we have a great selection of accessories for you to create the perfect nursery for your little one.


When buying baby furniture from a baby shop, you should always ask if the shop actually tests the products that they sell themselves. To be clear, that is actually tests each cot. Not just evaluate them from a sales features, benefits and price point of view.


Our customers can receive delivery Australia Wide and with Free Transit Insurance. Alternatively, you can select the pickup from our Brisbane shop option.


Before going to the shopping cart, you will also notice that every cot we sell has a list of options in the add to cart area. You are offered these options with no additional freight cost when you purchase it from option list. This makes us even better value for money!


You can also buy change tables, dressers that have built in change tables on top and many more options.


As baby product experts, you can feel free to contact us or come in to our Brisbane shop to speak with our product specialists. They are all well qualified to give you the right advice for your specific needs when purchasing a cot for your baby.


Be Sure to check out our Cot Package Deals which offer Exceptional Value.


There are many designs available. This includes Cots With Wheels, Large or Small, Round Cots and more. With our great range of cots, you will create a beautiful nursery for your child. All of the range have 2 levels and as a result can be used in place of a bassinet. Additionally, they convert to a junior bed for those toddler years. You will be able to find a gorgeous, safe cot that will suit your nursery.

All of Our Cots Meet Australian Standards

Baby Cots Testing Furntech Tick

All of the cots and furniture that we offer have to meet our strict quality and safety guidelines. They specifically meet and exceed and are tested to Australian and New Zealand Safety Standards AS/NZS: 2172/2010. A Tag that states that a cot meets Australian Standards is not enough for us.

Many cots carry the Australian standards tag that don't and wouldn't pass the tests if they were actually tested here in Australia.

This is why we do our own testing of cots and baby furniture. We do this to make sure the manufacturer has had it tested in an Australian Testing Lab such as Furntech. You should always look for the Furntech Blue tick.


You can buy baby cots that convert to toddler beds / Junior beds, day beds and even Full Size Double Beds! No matter what you are looking for we have a range that you can select from that will suit your little ones nursery and have them sleeping safely and comfortable, right into their toddler years.

Australian Brands

All of our cribs are sourced from the Australian Manufacturer. As a result, you can enjoy a real warranty backed by Large Australian Brands.

We have learned that despite all of the “sales speak” in the market about larger size ones such as boori size cots, the best option for you is a standard size cot. This means that you wont be limited when buying baby bedding for your cot. Another option is a mini-cot which is ideal for small spaces, such as a smaller bedroom or temporary use.

Why Buy from us

By purchasing  from Bubs n Grubs, you know it will be safe and secure for your baby. Further, each of our baby cots are available in many colours ranging from white cots, through to natural, beech, walnut and English Oak.

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What Type of Cot is Best

We recommend a timber cot over a metal cot or MDF Cot that has an easy to use single hand drop side and converts to a toddler bed

How do I know if a Cot is Truly Safe

Besides purchasing one from a bricks and mortar baby shop, check that it has actually been tested by Furntech in Australia versus certified by the manufacturer.

Is a Larger Cot better?

No, Not necessarily Unless specifically looking for a mini cot for a smaller room, then choose a standard size cot which uses standard size mattress and standard size sheets and bedding.