Baby Capsules

Discover Top-Notch Baby Capsules at Bubs n Grubs

Hey there! Ready to give your little one the safest ride ever? Bubs n Grubs has got you covered with our super-safe, super-comfy collection of Baby Capsules. Picked from the best Local Australian Distributors, every capsule passes tough Aussie Safety Standards with flying colours. That’s not just awesome safety; it’s peace of mind with a solid local warranty to boot.


Why Bubs n Grubs Baby Capsules Rock

Safety First, Always

We’re all about keeping your tiny passenger safe. Our baby capsules don’t just meet safety standards; they zoom past them. With cutting-edge safety features and serious testing, your bub is in the safest hands for every journey.


Comfort in Every Ride

We know how important it is for your baby to ride in style and comfort. Our capsules are like first-class seats for bubs: plush, adjustable, and designed to make every trip a joy.


Easy-Peasy for Parents

Life’s busy enough, right? Our baby capsules are all about making your day smoother. Easy to install, easy to adjust, and they play nice with lots of prams and strollers for quick moves from car to anywhere.


Expert Advice When You Need It

Picking the right capsule can be tricky, but don’t sweat it. Our experts are here to help you choose, install, and get moving safely and stress-free. We even have ACRI accredited pros to give you the best advice.


Why You’ll Love Our Baby Capsules

  • Top Safety: Our capsules are safety superheroes, keeping your bub snug and secure.
  • Move Easy: From car to stroller, no sweat. Keep bub cosy on the go.
  • Bonding on the Move: Turn car rides into bonding time with your little one.
  • Built to Last: Quality that sticks around, offering great value as your family grows.


Choose from Top Brands

With big names like Maxi Cosi, Cybex, Mothers Choice, and Chicco, you’re picking from the best. Start your parenting adventure with confidence and style, knowing you’ve got the best gear for your baby.


What to Look For

  • Extra safety features beyond the basics.
  • How long you’ll use it (some last up to 12 months).
  • How heavy it is (lightweight options available).
  • Capsule size vs your car space.
  • Pram compatibility (for seamless switches).


Join Our Family

Jump into the world of top-tier Baby Capsules with Bubs n Grubs. With our focus on safety, comfort, and convenience, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your lifestyle and your little one. Let’s make every trip safe, comfy, and full of love. Welcome to the Bubs n Grubs family, where we’re all about bringing joy and safety to your family’s journey.