Breastfeeding Pillows | Nursing Pillows

Breastfeeding Pillows also known as Nursing Pillows or Feeding Pillows are a must for any parent with a newborn! Regardless if you breastfeed baby or not, you will put a nursing pillow to good use.


Not only will it save your arms during long (breast or bottle) feeding sessions, but everyone from your partner to the baby sitter and grandmother will want to use it to hold baby.


With certain breast feeding and nursing pillows, You can take advantage of them being more versatile. For example, when baby gets bigger, you can use it to prop baby up to get a view of what’s happening nearby. It’s the ultimate multitasker. On top of this – some come with toy bars and are able to be used for entertaining baby as well!


In addition, Don’t forget to take into account that some Pillows are so versatile, they can be used as a sleep aid during the later stages of pregnancy, a cushion for post-partum care or sitting support for baby, a little extra comfort goes a long way.


Ask any second or third time mum and the answer will always be the same… Breast Feeding Pillows are worth it. Normal Pillows are not a practical or safe option. A nursing pillow takes the ache out of feeding and makes those special moments much more enjoyable.


If you are using a proper breast feeding / glider chair, you will most definitely want a nursing pillow – they go hand in hand to maximise your investment…


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