High Chairs

Childcare Pip High ChairWe sell a large range of High Chairs for baby and toddler that we our owners have hand picked taking into account product safety, practicality, ease of use, size when folded and more.


When looking at High Chairs, it is important to choose one that’s sturdy and easy to clean – it needs to be durable enough to withstand several years of daily use and abuse. Your child will most likely use a highchair until 2 or 3 years of age.


We have a range of Portable and hook-on highchairs, fully featured high chairs and even the famous Timber Folding High Chair. They are all from top brands such as Childcare, Babyhood, Chicco, Bebe Care, Joovy, Mima and Joie.

  • 20% Off! Childcare Fizz High Chair

    Childcare Fizz High Chair

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    The Childcare Fizz High Chair is Small and stylish.This High Chair is everything you need in a highchair at an extremely affordable price. It includes a seat cover in Black to coordinate with you home decor. Cleaning is super easy with the removable seat cover. The tray is adjustable with two positions and a body harness for extra safety.  You don't have to worry about it sliding on the floor because this high chair has non slip feet pads. Ideal for children from approximately 6 months to around 15Kg's.

  • 22% Off! Maxi Cosi Moa Highchair

    Maxi Cosi Moa Highchair

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    The Maxi Cosi Moa Highchair is an 8 in 1 highly versatile highchair that is designed to be used for the first 5 years. This high chair grows with your child from approximately 6 months of age and literally morphs as your child grows!

  • 23% Off! Childcare Modi High Chair

    Childcare Modi High Chair

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    The Childcare Modi high chair looks modern and at the same time is practical. With a modern colour and its attractive modern design, this high chair will look great in your home. Parents love the practical design for easy feeding. Its timber legs give it a modern look. For practicality, it has an easily removable tray which is adjustable with 3 different positions. For safety, a five-point body harness and for your child's comfort, foam padding. Even the feet are adjustable.

  • 30% Off! Childcare Pip High Chair

    Childcare Pip Highchair

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    The Childcare Pip Highchair is a feature rich, yet simple and easy to use practical high chair. Childcare have specifically focused on designing a practical and easy to use high chair for the every day use parent. You will love how versatile it is with 7 adjustable height positions so that you can have it at just the right height for you. That means at the dining room table or away from the table on their own. For comfort it has a fully adjustable footrest as well as an oversized adjustable and removable tray for easy cleaning and use at a dining room table when they are older. Even better, it folds flat and free standing for easy storage.

  • Exclusive to Bubs n Grubs in Qld Save 22% Off! Mima Moon Highchair White

    Mima Moon High chair

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    We love the Mima Moon High Chair, because it is a true three in one highchair solution. This means it has been designed to grow with your baby. It is  designed with innovative materials such as an aluminum frame and transparent polycarbonate for a sleek look and light, aerodynamic feel. This smart design of the high chair means that it grows with your child with 3 different modes. First, you will use it as a newborn lounger. Second, you will use it as a high chair. Thirdly, and once they get older, it becomes an elegant junior chair.

  • 25% Off! Roger Armstrong Deluxe Reclining Booster

    Roger Armstrong Deluxe Reclining Booster

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    The Roger Armstrong Deluxe Reclining Booster is a great replacement for a bulky high chair. It's ideal if you are tight for space, on the go or need a compact way to feed your little one. If this is the case, then you can not look past the Roger Armstrong Deluxe Reclining Booster. It is a great replacement for a bulky high chair

  • Up to 8% Off! Anstel Cena High Chair Grey

    Anstel Cena Highchair

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    With the Anstel Cena Highchair you will make dining with baby fun, easy & comfortable! Parents love that it has 8 height adjustments. This means that you can feed baby from the dining table no matter what height your dining table is along with the family. Optionally any other position you prefer - standing or sitting! Messy mealtimes can be easily cleaned up with the removable tray, and easy-clean seat fabric and it folds up beautifully and easily. Comfort is second to none with the soft padded seat and baby is safe with the 5 point safety harness. It's made in Italy, so quality is second to none.

  • 33% Off! Bebe Care Zuri Hi Rise High Chair

    Bebe Care Zuri Hi-Rise High Chair

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    The Bebe Care Zuri Hi-Rise High Chair is higher than standard high chair. With it's modern look, it will suit any decor. If you care looking for a high chair that will place your child higher, this is the perfect high chair during meal time. This is a common from parents who want to feed their child at the Kitchen Bench for example. You will love that the Tray is removable and super easy to clean.  Your Child will love the Comfort of the padding and the armrests too! In addition, the tray is adjustable and is easy to operate. As a result of it's lightweight design, when it comes to moving it around, you will find it easy. Your child will love the additional comfort as a result of the footrest and you will love the stylish timber finish.

  • 27% Off! Bebe Care Zuri High Chair

    Bebe Care Zuri High Chair

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    The Bebe Care Zuri High Chair is a great value, practical, hygenic high chair with a modern look. Even more importantly, it is a multi-functional high chair. You will love that it is made of sleek beech wood and sturdy hygienic food grade PP material. For practicality, it has a removable and adjustable tray. Easy to operate, cleaning has never been easier. Just a simple wipe is all this highchair needs. If you really want to, you can remove the tray and wash it at your sink.

  • 25% Off! Chicco Polly Progres5 Highchair Anthracite

    Chicco Polly Progres5 Highchair | Anthracite

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    The Chicco Polly Progres5 high chair accompanies all your baby's progress, from birth to three years. It is a true 5 in 1 High Chair that grows as your child grows. It is a comfortable bouncer for moments of relaxation and play, it transforms into a high chair for baby food and becomes a chair lift to sit at the table with you. The Chicco Polly Progres5 is equipped with 4 wheels, to move it more easily in the house! It has been designed with practicality in mind. Some examples of this are the wipe clean seat pad, the removable tray, Eight Height Positions and 4 recline positions. As a result of the 8 height positions, this high chair will fit under any dining room table  

  • 19% Off! Joovy Nook High Chair

    Joovy Nook High Chair

    SAVE $30 Off RRP!

    The Joovy Nook High Chair was designed for convenience. Built for pure basics and created to be compact. A High Chair that gets the job done. It does it without breaking the bank. There's no question why this Highchair is Choice Recommended. As a result of a unique a swing-open tray that operates with one hand, Access just became easy and fast. Parents love the zero assembly design that folds with no hassle. They also love the leatherette cover that wipes clean without the need for harsh chemicals, other high chairs WISH they were as cool as the Joovy Nook.

  • Up to 11% Off! Babyhood Home Range High Chair Turquoise

    Babyhood Home Range High Chair

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    The new Home Range High Chair is a super stylish high chair for the modern home . It has a very lightweight sturdy aluminium frame suitable for children from 6 - 36 months. The aluminium frame is polished and complemented by the modern timber tray giving the high chair a sleek and striking appearance. Available in Red, Black and Turquoise.

  • Free Shipping Australia Wide Kidsmill Up Highchair Black

    Kidsmill Up! Highchair + Baby Set

    Free Shipping Australia Wide

    The Kidsmill Up! Highchair is a beautiful and practical highchair that is nothing less than a pleasure to use for many years.  The Kidsmill Up! is built strong as a result of being made of solid beech timber and can withstand a knock or two. In our opinion, it is the smartest highchair in the world! The Kidsmill Up! is thoughtfully designed to grow as your child grows, bringing many years of enjoyment for you and your child and For a limited Time Only, Receive a Free Tray worth $70!

  • Up to 20% Off! Bumbo Booster Seat Cool Grey

    Bumbo Booster Seat

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    The Bumbo Booster Seat enables toddlers to be seated on an adult chair.  This is the best booster seat for larger children to be used as a Booster Seat. The seat is made of the same soft material as the Bumbo Floor Seat which is a durable and easy to clean low density foam construction. It comes with the adjustable straps on bottom of the Booster Seat which attach to most chairs and a three point harness helps keep toddlers seated comfortably at the dinner table The Bumbo Booster seat is ergonomically designed to provide comfort, while the restraint belt and attachment straps helps to keep your child safely in place. This handy seat is ideal for feeding, teaching and general interaction with your child. Available in a wide variety of colours. NOTE: DUE TO SOUTH AFRICA CLOSING THEIR BORDERS - STOCK IS VERY HARD TO GET. GET YOUR ORDER IN NOW BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.

  • Up to 15% Off! Bumbo Multi Seat Grape

    Bumbo Multi Seat

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    The new Bumbo Multi Seat is the best value Bumbo Seat on the market. The Bumbo Multi Seat can be used as soon as they are able to sit up on their own through to approx. 3 years of age! This is next step for your baby’s transition into a toddler. The NEW 3-in-1 Bumbo Multi Seat™ can be used as a floor, feeding or booster as soon as your child can sit unassisted up to three years old. The Combo includes the Bumbo floor seat and Play Tray. The ultimate three-stage seat, the Bumbo Multi Seat, the next step in seating for your child. With attachment straps to easily convert from a floor seat to a booster seat, you can begin enjoying key developmental milestones from feeding to playtime as soon as your child can begin to sit unassisted. The seat's foam pad cushions your baby and can be removed to create more room as they grow. The removable tray attaches to the back of the Multi Seat for easy storage and transport.

  • Up to 19% Off! Bumbo Floor Seat Grape

    Bumbo Floor Seat

    SAVE Up to $14.95 Off RRP!

    The Bumbo Floor Seat is an authentic, award winning top rated baby seat. The special design enables your child to take a seat unassisted, backed securely and easily. It allows your kids to see their environment. Due to this, it effectively becomes as an extra pair of hands' for mums and fathers. In addition, it includes a restraint now also for superior security. Made for babies from 3 months to 12 months, the bumbo seat is distinctively designed based on a child's posture. You can use it on any flat working surface such as the floor. In addition, it encourages new opportunities for connection in between your child and you like eye level feeding.

  • Up to 14% Off! Graco Duo Diner - Benny & Bell

    Graco DuoDiner 3-in-1 High Chair

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    The Graco DuoDiner 3-in-1 highchair is a 3 in 1 multi function high chair for the parent who wants a complete solution from day 1 for baby feeding. The Graco Duo Diner 3-in-1 highchair grows with your child from infant to toddler. It then converts to a space saving booster!

  • Up to 18% Off! Graco Contempo High Low Chair - Benny & Bell

    Graco Contempo High Low Chair

    SAVE Up to $62 Off RRP!

    Tthe Graco Contempo High Low Chair is very hard to beat as a high chair when it comes to mealtime convenience at home or away. The Graco Contempo High Low Chair is Graco's slimmest folding highchair. It's a breeze to store and perfect for travel. The Graco Contempo High Low Chair also comes pre-assembled, so it is ready to use the moment you pull it out of the box.

  • 18% Off! Childcare Primo Hook On High chair

    Childcare PRIMO hook on high chair

    SAVE $15.99 Off RRP!

    The Childcare PRIMO hook on High chair is perfect for parents who are Constantly on the go. The Childcare Primo Hook-On Highchair is portable, lightweight, compact and has a sturdy design suitable for use on bench tops and tables. It's even Recommended by Choice!

  • Kaboost Portable Chair Booster

    The Kaboost Portable Chair Booster is a Compact and portable chair booster that raises the height of chairs so your child can sit at the table like a grown up. The Kaboost Snaps on chairs in seconds, won’t scratch your floor or unbalance with it’s rubber feet. Kaboost even stays attached once chair is moved. Be sure to see our Video Review Below - Pre-Order Now - Arriving This Month!

  • Exclusive to Bubs n Grubs in Brisbane Kaylula Ava Forever High Chair White Angle View

    Kaylula Ava Forever High Chair

    SAVE Up to $92 Off RRP!

    The NEW Kaylula Ava Forever High Chair comes complete with adjustable tray and adjustable seat and foot rest. The great design will morph and grow with your baby lasting from 6 months to 45kg. Features: European Beech Wood. Bentwood. Padded Seat Liner for extra comfort. Sturdy base with leg grip that provides extra safety. Removable tray. Plastic protective tray which is dishwasher safe. 5 point harness providing extra safety. 3 Level Height adjustable seat. 3 Level Height adjustable foot rest. 6 months 45kg.

  • Joie Mimzy LX High Chair

    The Joie Mimzy LX High Chair is an adjustable highchair that has unique benefits including comfort, grows with your baby and easy access for your child whilst making clean up easy with the included playmat. The Joie Mimzy LX High Chair is designed and engineered to uplift your child to the center of attention. With multiple adjustments, Mimzy will grow with your child from 6 months to 3 years.

  • Up to 10% Off! Chicco Pocket Snack Booster Sage

    Chicco Pocket Snack Booster Seat

    SAVE Up to $5.95 Off RRP!

    The Chicco Pocket Snack Booster Seat is very unique and very easy to use and adjust in height, Pocket Snack boasts a practical removable and adjustable tray. It also boasts the utmost safety thanks to the 3-point safety belt and adjustable straps that anchor it universally to all chairs. The Pocket Snack Booster Seat is ideal from six months to three years of age making it great value for money.

  • Up to 30% Off! Chicco Polly Double Phase High Chair Sunny

    Chicco Polly Double Phase High Chair

    SAVE Up to $82.95 Off RRP!

    The Chicco Polly Double Phase High Chair is the very first highchair which adheres to baby's development from 6 months until 3 years old. In the first period, Polly is really a safe, cozy highchair, perfect for weaning. Then, whenever your kid has learned to eat on their own, the outer cover could be detached, the activity tray detached, and also the Chicco Polly 2-in-1 High Chair gets to be your kid's first chair, allowing him to take a seat at the table with mom and dad.