Glider Chairs

We have selected only the best Glider Chairs / Breast Feeding Chairs available that are specifically designed for breast feeding from top brands who have a proven track record in the market for over 10 years such as babyhood.


Most Glider Chairs / Breast Feeding Chairs are designed to last a short period. Babyhood Gliders are designed and built to last.


There are many reasons that most mums don’t realise until after they have had their first child and tried using an every day chair be that a home lounge chair or a recliner in their TV/Media Room.


The Gliding Motion of a Glider Chair assists sleep.


Often, it’s not until mums have their second child and want to address the issues that they experienced using anything other than a purpose built Breast Feeding Chair that they realise the importance and benefits.


The common complaints we hear from mums NOT using a proper breast feeding chair are:

  • Back Aches
  • Sore arms from wooden arm rests or arms rests without enough padding.
  • Sore arms from arms rests that are too high or not wide enough
  • Sore necks from lack of head/neck support whilst in a breast feeding position.
  • Baby gets motion sickness in their rocking chair.
  • Everyday chair or rocking chair is hard to get in and out of.
  • Too hard to keep the rocking chair rocking
  • Nursing pillow’s aren’t able to be used because the arm rests are not the right width or height.
  • Fabric on their expensive lounge chair is stained from breast feeding / spilt milk
  • Fabric on the standard chair is hard to clean and hubby is getting annoyed.
  • Baby still not wanting to sleep at all hours of the night.


A purpose designed and built breast feeding glider chair overcomes those problem and gives you the following benefits.

  • Padded arm rests ensure your arms are comfortable.
  • Arms rests designed specifically so that they are wide enough for your arms to be either in or on top of them and work perfectly when combined with a breast feeding pillow.
  • Ergonomics of a glider help you support your back, neck and the baby better (especially when used in conjunction with a nursing pillow).
  • Gliding motion encourages sleep – rocking motion encourages motion sickness in babies.
  • Easy to get in and out of (particularly important after giving birth)
  • More padding and provide more comfort than a standard chair including lumbar support for your back.
  • Because they are designed to be breastfed in, they allow you to use many of the different breastfeeding positions comfortably.
  • The glider chair glides on and in its own base as it only requires a little movement from you to get it into motion.
  • Putting your feet up every time you breastfeed will take the pressure off your back and having your feet rested up on a foot rest helps you to relax.
  • A breastfeeding Chair can be used long after you breastfeed.
  • It can and most likely will be used for any future children you have.


You will look forward to breastfeeding them in this chair just as much as you did the first time.


The Glider Chairs we offer are designed and built to last. Many of our customers end up buying 2 Glider chairs (One for Hubby) and put both in their media / TV room after breast feeding.


Our Glider Chairs are built with  high quality bearings. The reason they use these high quality bearings is that it produces a super quiet and super smooth gliding motion giving mum and baby a superior breast feeding experience.


The use of these high quality bearings also means that the glider chair mechanism lasts longer and doesn’t fail and more importantly, they don’t become notchy in the middle of the glide as most other brands do after a short time.


Each model is designed to match different heights and body shapes for maximum comfort


Below is why we chose to only supply Babyhood Glider Chairs / Breast Feeding Chairs


1. A proper measured gliding motion without too much “rock” in the motion to ensure no motion sickness and still effectively help send baby to sleep

2. Use of special high grade bearings ensuring a smooth gliding motion without developing a “notchy” feel after a couple months of use.

3. A Quiet gliding motion to assist in a better breast feeding experience and to assist baby to sleep.

4. Special Scratch Resistant Fabrics designed specifically for glider chairs so baby’s nails don’t scratch the fabric permanently damaging it.

5. Special Stain Resistant Fabric designed specifically for glider chairs making cleaning easy so you can enjoy the breast feeding experience.

6. Matching Gliding ottoman to increase comfort and make gliding easy.

7. Floor Protection (On Manhattan and Vogue Models only) for timber and tiled floors which also hide the frame of the glider chair as well as the ottoman.

8. Thicker Padded and Wider Arm rests for improved comfort for mum whilst breast feeding.


Don’t forget your breast feeding pillow – the breast feeding pillow helps position baby at the right height and completes the whole breast feeding experience taking all strain off the mother and assists positioning baby at that perfect spot for breast feeding


Check out the range below on sale and choose the right one for your needs…

  • 27% Off! Childcare Osmo Rocking Chair

    Childcare Osmo Rocking Chair

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    SAVE $122 Off RRP!

    The Childcare Osmo Rocking Chair is a great simple rocking chair designed for breast feeding. Parents love the minimalist design which provides a maximum amount of comfort when breast feeding. This makes it the ideal breast feeding chair. You will love the comfy padding that has been specially made to increase comfort whilst breastfeeding in your rocking chair.

  • 9% Off! Babyrest Anya Rocking Chair

    Babyrest Anya Rocking Chair

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    SAVE $52 Off RRP!

    The Babyrest Anya Rocking Chair is a comfortable chair designed specifically for breastfeeding. As a result, it offers form & function for your baby's nursery. Ergonomically designed with a relaxed angle and gentle rocking motion, parents can get their much-needed rest while settling or feeding baby. You will love the premium quality fabrics as well as the fact that the materials are durable, sturdy and easy to care for. The best part is that when you are finished using it in the baby's nursery, the Anya Rocking Chair will continue to offer a relaxing space in your study, lounge, or family room for everyone to use.

  • 22% Off! Bebe Care Chester Rocking Chair Silver

    Bebe Care Chester Rocking Chair

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    SAVE $152.99 Off RRP!

    The bebe care Chester Rocking Chair is super comfy and stylish. Many mums tell us how they fall asleep themselves when nursing baby in their Bebe Care Chester Rocking Chair. It is the perfect place to relax when nursing baby. The Silver colour is great as it can coordinate with the rest of nursery furniture. It is the perfect addition for mum and baby. ETA FOR DISPATCH: APPROXIMATELY MID-SEPTEMBER

  • Up to 23% Off! Babyhood Valencia Rocking Chair Charcoal Grey

    babyhood Valencia Rocking Chair + Ottoman + Pillow

    SAVE Up to $252 Off RRP!

    Every mum who sits in the babyhood Valencia Rocking Chair falls in love. This Breast feeding chair will become the ultimate escape for you and baby. The babyhood Valencia Rocking Chair boasts Rockstar like accents such as metal studs, a well-padded firm seat cushion, sleek arms, a curvaceous backrest and luxurious micro suede cushions with beechwood base accents. This rocking breast feeding chair has been carefully designed to meet all your baby's breast feeding time needs and then transition to other parts of your home in years to come. The high back provides superior head and neck support while a super cool wingback gives extra side support. The dual interchangeable bases mean that you have a choice of beechwood rocking blades or 4 beechwood fixed cone legs. This lets you decide if you want to rock or not as your family grows.  

  • Up to 33% Off! Babyhood Nursing Pillow With Toy Bar Drops

    Babyhood 4 in 1 Nursing Pillow With Toy Bar

    SAVE Up to $22.95 Off RRP!

    The Babyhood 4 in 1 Nursing Pillow is made to be a 4 in 1 pillow and may be changed to match both you and your baby's requirements. The babyhood Nursing Pillow with Toy Bar can be utilized like a Nursing Pillow, a baby play center, sitting support along with a neck pillow. The nursing pillow is part of babyhood's Breathe Eze range and it is full of top quality fibre that is dirt mite free and allergy free.

  • Up to 19% Off! Babyhood Nursing Pillow Leaf

    Babyhood Organic Nursing Pillow With Toy Bar

    SAVE Up to $22.95 Off RRP!

    The Babyhood Organic Nursing Pillow With Toy Bar is The ORIGINAL babyhood Nursing Pillow with Toy Bar in a new Organic Cotton Fabric! To support you during feeding we have designed the babyhood Organic Nursing Pillow with Toy Bar. It is a 4 in 1 pillow that is versatile and affordable. The pillow can be used as a nursing pillow, a baby play centre, sitting support for your baby when they are ready to learn to sit and a neck pillow.

  • Up to 20% Off! Vogue Glider Chair Sandstone Hr

    Babyhood Vogue Glider Chair & Ottoman

    SAVE Up to $159 Off RRP!

    The NEW babyhood Vogue Glider Chair and Ottoman is designed for the stylish trendsetter. It offers the best comfort levels whilst nursing or feeding bub 2-4 hours each day. The Babyhood Vogue Glider / Breast Feeding chair boasts a smooth gliding motion and a lockable recline. The seat is adjustable to ensure you are in a comfy position for your body's needs.

  • 14% Off! Amani Bebe Ballerina Princess Nursing Pillow

    Amani Bebe Ballerina Princess Nursing Pillow

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    SAVE $7.95 Off RRP!

    The new Amani Bebe Ballerina Princess Nursing Pillow has a removable cover for easy washing. It has an allergy and dust mite resistant wadding which is better for you and your baby. The inner pillow can be removed and washed for more hygienic use. Now you can reduce the strain of feeding by taking the pressure of your back, shoulders and arms and support baby when learning to sit. It is made with a range of fabrics bringing a fairy tail to life. Specifications: 100% Cotton Cover 100% Breathe Eze TM Fibre Filling