Nursery Furniture

Buy Nursery Furniture and Baby Furniture including cots, change tables and dressers All from Leading brands at the best prices in Australia.


Baby Furniture is our speciality and something we do very well. We have been providing expert advice in the Australian market place for over a decade. We have colours that match any nursery decor from White to Walnut to English oak and even natural. Additionally, we range from classic designs through to new modern and Scandinavian style. Furthermore. lots of cot and furniture accessories. All are top end brands, regardless of price.


You can purchase our baby nursery furniture online and in our Brisbane store or by phone. All of our products are from leading brands in Australia.


The Difference with us!

Our furniture comes from leading brands who are specialists in baby furniture. They all genuinely meet the Australian Standards.  We very carefully review all of our products before we offer it for sale. We do this to make sure it is of the high quality that we want our customers to enjoy. Furthermore, the safety, design and ease of use of all of our furniture is a key criteria before we decide to take it on and offer it to our customers.


Our range of baby furniture includes cots, toddler beds, change tables to chests of drawers, chest changers, dressers, trundle drawers, book cases, toy boxes and more. It has all been selected based on quality, practicality, safety and value. Most of the cots are convertible cots. This means they convert to a toddler bed later on.


We believe all of our nursery furniture products are the best value for money products on the market. We deliver our nursery furniture and baby furniture all over Australia, including into remote areas with extremely competitive costs.


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Why Buy Our Nursery Furniture?

Most first time parents are not aware of the difference in safety from one brand of Nursery Furniture to another.  Some furniture has an Australian Standards Certificate that came from overseas where the cot was made.

High Quality baby furniture has been tested in a proper lab such as Furntech. Furntech test cots here in Australia. Furntech are one of only two proper testing facilities in Australia. This is the same Lab that is trusted and used by our own ACCC.

Bubs n Grubs do all the hard work for you. This ensures that we only offer products that are safe for your baby and offer high quality design features. The bottom line is that they are built to last and safe for your baby.

Best Style for your Nursery Decor

Our nursery furniture offers a gorgeous range of designs from modern to bohemian. All Australian Designed by Australian brands with local warranty. All with the latest designs and trends without the high price tag to match.  You can choose fresh natural pine or bright whites for a calm, beach look & feel. The possibilities are endless!

Nursery Storage

The key to keeping your nursery looking clean and great all the time is having access to what you need when you need it. Selecting the right storage solutions is the key. This can be storage built in to the change table, a change table with drawer as well as shelves. It can also be a dresser with the right number of drawers and the right size to make them practical.

Furniture & Safety

Buying baby furniture from online only sites and auction sites is risky for parents. It makes it much more difficult to know where it was tested and what the quality is like. It also makes it more difficult for the ACCC to ensure these cots do actually meet the Australian Safety Standard AS/NZS 2172:2003.

The ACCC recently recalled lots of cots sold online only. Unfortunately, we are still seeing them pop up under new names. Buying baby furniture online should only be done from a genuine Bricks and Mortar baby store. It should be sourced by them through an Australian Branded Nursery Furniture Manufacturer.  This ensures its safety and quality is second to none