Baby Shower Gift Registry

A Baby Shower Gift Registry can be a great thing – what often happens is your  closest friends and family end up purchasing lots of gifts for you often doubling up, the wrong colour or you end up with clothing that is all one size which baby grows out of before they can have a chance to enjoy them all.

We have set up our own customised gift registry system to help our customers avoid this and make it easy to share with friends and family via email, facebook, google, pinterest, instagram and more!

All you need to do is create an account on our system on the My Account Option on the menu by just adding your email address and clicking the register button.

We will email you your password straight away, just log in to our site through either the login section or by choosing “My Account” on the menu at the top of this page.

The First thing to do when you log in before sharing your Baby Shower Gift Registry is to enter your correct delivery address in your “My Account” – that way if you/your friends and family are having items delivered to you by your friends, it will arrive to your correct address.

This is a great feature for friends and family who may be abroad.

If your in Brisbane, Your friends and family will have the option of being able to choose the “Pick up from store” option and will be contacted by our team after their order is placed so they can collect it them selves if they want to bring it to your baby shower.

Then just select the products you want by choosing the “Add to Wishlist / Registry” link below the add to cart button of each product you want after choosing any options including colour, size etc and our system will remember it all for you so that your friends and family automatically choose the right colours and options you are wanting.

You can make them public so that you can simply share the link.

Public Registries are viewable by anyone and appear in our site search results if the search terms match the registry title that your provide. Shared registries do not show up in search, but are viewable by anyone that has the URL that links to the registry. Private registries are only viewable by you.

You can create Multiple lists (you may want one list for family) and one for Friends and another for work colleagues and you can share them all individually.

When you are done, you can view your list or lists and share the special URL link for your Registry individually to groups of friends or family using email or your favourite social media sites using the share buttons for each wish list which will be shown below and in your “My Account” Page.

From your My Account Page or this one – you can see which items have been purchased, it will update quantities of items left and you can even change quantities up and down or add items as required.

To Register, Click Here Now, scroll to the register box, add your email, hit the register button and you will be emailed your password immediately, then you can start adding items to your registry


You can search any public registry below: