Change Mats

Our range of baby Change Mats are manufactured using the highest quality materials. These include high density foam & high quality soft touch vinyl. They are a necessity to keep your baby comfortable during nappy changes.


Our range are from top brands including babyhood, Anstel, Bumbo, Shnuggle and more. They are available in a wide range of colours including white, cream and nursery prints.


Standard size Babyhood Change Mats come with quality packaging designed for easy use and storage. The babyhood brand is available in a wide range of sizes including made to order sizes.


In addition, we always recommend good quality change mat covers. These will make you life much easier and are more hygienic.


Further, they provide more comfort for baby including protecting them from a cold surface during winter.

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  • Babyhood Change Mat Covers

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    Babyhood Terry Towelling Change Mats

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