Twin Prams

Childcare Dupo Twin StrollerTwin Prams and Twin Strollers are usually side by side strollers – this is because they generally are a better solution for parents having twins and the seats are the same size where as with a Tandem stroller, one seat is often larger than the other.


Many parents put as much effort into choosing a twin pram or twin stroller as they do into selecting a new car. It’s for good reason. When you have twins, your stroller is a crucial piece of equipment. Your mobility depends on it.


The key things to keep in mind when choosing a twin pram or twin stroller are it’s size when folded, weight and how easy it is to fold and unfold.  Side by Side twin strollers and prams usually take up more boot space – so please keep this in mind.


Given this is such an important decision to make, please do not hesitate to contact our professional team for advice on choosing the right twin pram or twin stroller for your specific needs since every parents needs are different.

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    The UPPAbaby Vista V2 Stroller Package Deal includes the Bassinet.Buy the UPPAbaby VISTA V2 and Receive Free Upper Adaptors Plus a Free Zazu Ocean Projector Cody Plus a Free Maxi Cosi Nappy Bag worth RRP: $288.90 and Free Delivery. This UPPAbaby Vista V2 is a Stroller which boasts many unique features which no other stroller combines in one. As a result, it is a very practical and long term flexible solution for most parents catering for 2 children either the same age or different ages. Due to it's unique design, the UPPAbaby Vista V2 Stroller is a convertible stroller system that can transport up to three children without growing wider. It is designed to adapt as your family grows. Therefore, the Uppababy VISTA V2 will accommodate your precious cargo from birth through the toddler years. Another great feature is that it stands while folded as well as having a huge shopping basket. This is the best deal in the country with the freebie's below which will come to an end soon. In Addition, Receive Free Shipping This Week Only!

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    Childcare Dupo Twin Stroller

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    The Childcare Dupo Twin Stroller is an awesome light weight twin stroller. You will love that it has been designed with practicality in mind. Weighing only just over 10Kg's makes it easy to handle. Folding is super simple with a one hand flat fold making it a compact size.

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    Thule Chariot Sport2 Black

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    The Thule Chariot Sport2 is the ultimate trailer, jogger and buggy for kids with great performance, comfort and style for athletes and their kids. This Black version includes cycling, strolling and jogging kit. Your Childrens' Chariot Awaits ... For everyone from the serious athlete to the dedicated weekend warrior inside us all, the Thule Chariot Sport 2 Child Trailer is the only suitable chariot for your tiny loved ones. It provides plenty of cargo space for whatever activities you are doing and is capable of carrying up to 2 passengers with a maximum combined weight of 45kg. ETA FOR DISPATCH: END OF JULY APPROXIMATELY

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    Thule Sleek Stroller

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    The Thule Sleek is a versatile, modern and stylish stroller built and designed for city adventures with your child. With many fantastic features as well as Thule's History of Top Notch European quality, the Thule Sleek is an amazing package. Additionally, you can even add a second seat for twins or if you have a second child! Besides the high quality design and built, what we love about the Thule Sleek is the High Seat Back for big Kids!

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    babyhood Doppio multi mode in-line pram 2018

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    The babyhood Doppio multi mode in-line pram is a single seat pram that can be used as a twin pram! It can be configured with either seats or bassinets or used as a twin travel system with baby capsules such as the maxi cosi capsules. This Deal is for a Short Time Only The new 2018 Model has been improved with longer / taller seats and more distance between seats amongst some other small changes such as new fabrics.

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    babyhood Doppio XX Stroller

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    The babyhood Doppio XX Stroller is a single seat pram that can be used as a twin pram! It can be configured with either seats or bassinets or used as a twin travel system with baby capsules! The new Model has been improved with longer / taller seats and more distance between seats amongst a list of others... Firstly, the frame has a new 6 position adjustable handle as well as a larger front basket with 2kg storage capacity and improved suspension. Secondly, the Seat unit has been improved significantly with a 3 panel extendable hood with sun shade, a Peek a boo window for bassinet and seat ventilation with mesh and an awesome Pull down Sun Drape! The new seat design boasts a Summer and Winter Seat liner, a really easy to adjust smooth glider harness and a new fully quilted padded seat for the ultimate in comfort! The best part is it only weighs 3.5Kg's so it's even easier to pull in and out of the car for mum. When it comes to UV Sun Protection, the babyhood Doppio XX is unlike any other. It has a UPF 50+ Hood, UPF 50+ Seat Fabrics and a UPF 50+ Sun Drape. There is no need to buy separate bassinets as the seat converts to a bassinet and back again when you are ready to use it as a push chair making it incredible value for money.  

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    Thule Urban Glide 2 Double

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    The Thule Urban Glide 2 is ideal for the parents of 2 who want a true all-round side by sise sports stroller which is practical as an every day pram, yet more than capable of being used for jogging. It has a sleek and lightweight design making it perfect for urban mobility or jogging with 2 children on your favorite path. We have been looking for a true all rounder for some time for our customers as most jogging style prams are not truly designed to be jogging capable. The Thule Urban Glide 2 is that true all rounder with both a hand brake and park brake plus up to 10 years warranty!  

  • Silver Cross WAVE V3 Pram + Free Tandem Seat Worth $499

    The Silver Cross WAVE Pram combines both luxury and innovation never before seen! As a result of this unique design, your newborn will enjoy the best comfort and protection. On top of that, you as a parent are future proofed for a second baby in the future. Exclusive in Brisbane to Bubs n Grubs.