Twin Prams

Childcare Dupo Twin StrollerTwin Prams and Twin Strollers are usually side by side strollers – this is because they generally are a better solution for parents having twins and the seats are the same size where as with a Tandem stroller, one seat is often larger than the other.


Many parents put as much effort into choosing a twin pram or twin stroller as they do into selecting a new car. It’s for good reason. When you have twins, your stroller is a crucial piece of equipment. Your mobility depends on it.


The key things to keep in mind when choosing a twin pram or twin stroller are it’s size when folded, weight and how easy it is to fold and unfold.  Side by Side twin strollers and prams usually take up more boot space – so please keep this in mind.


Come in to our Brisbane baby store to check out our twin prams in person or order online where we can deliver Australia Wide.


Given this is such an important decision to make, please do not hesitate to contact our professional team for advice on choosing the right twin pram or twin stroller for your specific needs since every parents needs are different.