When looking at bassinets, you will find that a baby bassinet will help you keep a close eye on baby. more importantly, will allow you to have baby sleeping in your room without having to make space for a full sized cot which is often not even possible.


Another key benefit of Bassinets is that they are more portable. You can move them from one room to another easily through standard door ways. A typical cot is way to large to fit through a door way. They are ideal for newborn babies up to the age of approximately 3 months or until they can sit up.


Some bassinets also offer additional features such as musical mobiles, vibration, night lights and other sleeping aids.


Cradles are another option which have become extremely popular and worth seriously considering.


In addition, there are co-sleepers which attach to your bed and make access to baby during the night, extremely easy.


Our range of bassinets will ensure superior comfort but importantly a pure and healthy environment, free of synthetic chemicals for your baby. The natural environment created is microbial and dust mite free and allergy free.



  • Up to 24% Off! Babyrest Aria Bedside Bassinet Grey

    Babyrest Aria Bedside Bassinet

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    The Babyrest Aria Bedside Bassinet is a fantastic unique bedside co-sleeper and bassinet in 1. It is a true 2-in-1 newborn sleeping solution with both a Bassinet mode & Co-Sleeper mode. In the initial few months after you can have baby by your side. Just position the Aria close by your bed, and fold down the side panel for safe & easy access. The 8 height positions allow you to adjust the Aria Bedside Bassinet to the same height as your own bed. If your newborn suffers from reflux, you can ever have it angled to help with reflux. Baby will love the 360° mesh sides which allow maximum ventilation. As a result, they will enjoy a safe and cool sleeping environment for baby. In addition you will keep baby within your full view from any angle.

  • 30% Off! Bebe Care Zuri Bassinet Natural Hero

    Bebe Care Zuri Bassinet

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    The Bebe Care Zuri Bassinet is a free standing bassinet built from solid timber with full mesh sides and a removable toy bar with toys.Due to the timber design, it is lightweight yet sturdy. The mattress is Soft and comfy yet safe. The legs are adjustable non slip feet. The bassinet combines safety and breathability with a contemporary design. It is a lightweight and stylish sleeper which provides your baby with a well-ventilated place to rest. It is safe and sturdy for use at home, yet light and durable for use on the go.

  • Up to 8% Off! Chicco Next2me Air Colours

    Chicco Next2Me Air

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    With the Chicco Next2Me Air, it's easier to feed your baby and keep an eye on him or her, it's more comfortable to sleep, it's nicer to stay together! It is better than a cot during the first few months of the baby's life. Its enveloping shape and compact design make the baby safer and happier, transmitting the feeling of being in a protected environment, somewhat similar to the uterus and making the transition from uterine to extra-uterine life more pleasant, natural and gradual.

  • 6% Off! Kaylula Moses Basket & Stand

    Kaylula Moses Basket & Stand

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    The Kaylula Moses Basket & Stand is both an elegant and beautiful artisan-crafted piece of furniture for your newborn baby. It offers beautiful luxury and unparalleled safety with the artisan crafted Kaylula Moses Basket & Stand. Manufactured with sustainable materials like New Zealand timber, water hyacinth and cotton so it is better for the earth and your precious baby – giving you peace of mind. ETA FOR DISPATCH: APPROXIMATELY END OF JULY

  • SAVE 12% Off RRP! Babyhood Classic Bassinet Grey

    Babyhood Classic Bassinet

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    SAVE Up to $22.95 Off RRP!

    The Babyhood Classic Bassinet is a new modern design with a classic lines. This bassinet is available in 3 great fashionable colours to suit any home. Babyhood have designed this to be a practical and safe bassinet for your baby. With great storage space underneath, you will be able to have everything you need available at hand!

  • SAVE 13% Off RRP! Babyhood Travel Bassinet

    babyhood Travel Bassinet

    SAVE $22 Off RRP!

    The babyhood Travel Bassinet provides the security and comfort of a familiar sleep space when busy parents are traveling. It is lightweight and compact folding. It has been designed with a thicker mattress which is breathe ezy and has aero mesh fabric. Additionally, the mattress is an aeromesh design for better air flow . The luxury woven textiles come off for easy washing for use either at home or when out and about! You will love that it is lightweight easy to fold. It fits into a heavy duty carry bag and transport is easy including as carry on luggage on most airlines as the folded dimension are within the allowed cabin size as per IATA regulation.

  • Up to 48% Off! Bebe Care Moses Basket And Stand White

    BeBe Care Moses Basket and Stand

    SAVE Up to $162.98 Off RRP!

    The BeBe Care Moses Basket and Stand is a package deal on offer that is practical, stylish and great value for money! The bebe care Moses Basket is beautifully made and stylish unique and luxurious baby basket that will compliment your nursery! Cleaning is made easy with it's removable cover, fitted sheet and liner. Additionally, it is portable and includes carry handles so that you can keep your little one close to you at all times. The ultra-modern Moses Basket Stand is specifically designed for the luxurious bebe care Moses Basket. It is the perfect accessory for parents who want to style their nursery decor without compromising on elegance or quality. It’s made from a sturdy timber, arrives fully assembled and is light and easy to fold. Further, it's available in 2 colours - white or espresso!

  • 5% Off! Chicco Next2me Magic Cool Grey

    Chicco Next2Me Magic

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    The new Chicco Next2Me Magic is an award-winning bed side co-sleeping bassinet which allows you to sleep close to your baby without being in the same bed. This new version even rocks! With the Next 2 Me Magic exclusive design it increases convenience for parent and baby, making it amazingly easy to slide up and down the lateral side even during the night, when attached to the bed. It also enhances the baby comfort thanks to the new mattress cover featured with transparent 3D mesh to ensure better air ventilation.  

  • Exclusive to Bubs n Grubs in Brisbane Kaylula Co Sleeper Cradle Lifestyle 7

    Kaylula Co Sleep Cradle

    SAVE $62 Off RRP!

    The Kaylula Co Sleep Cradle is a cradle designed for the parents who want to co-sleep.  As a result of the unique design, you can either use the cradle in the baby nursery or at your bedside or wheel it around as you would with a bassinet around the house the house, during the day so baby is always in arm’s reach of you.

  • Up to 18% Off! Shnuggle Dreami Lifestyle Grey

    Shnuggle Dreami Baby Sleeper

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    The Shnuggle Dreami Baby Sleeper has won many awards and there is very good reason. It is a moses basket, designed to keep baby close to you but safe in their own cosy sleeping space. It can be used as a bedside crib for night time feeding and is easily moved around your home during the day – so no need to buy more than one bed for baby.

  • SAVE 33% Off RRP! Babyhood Organic Cosy Crib Vintage Floral

    Babyhood Organic Cosy Crib

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    The Babyhood Organic Cosy Crib is the best cosy crib on the market! Breathe Easy with  a GOTS certified 100% organic cotton cover, baby will love the feel. The removable machine washable mattress and noodle will assist you to keep your baby's sleep environment hygienic and clean with little effort and no dry cleaning. It is an Australian designed product is made to such strict quality control specifications that the mattress and noodle are designed and made to fit so snugly to the cover that there is no excessive bedding.

  • Up to 36% Off! Sunbury Cocoon Grey

    Sunbury Cocoon Bassinet

    SAVE Up to $72.95 Off RRP!

    Not only does the Sunbury Cocoon Bassinet provide your baby with a well-ventilated, bug free sleep zone, but it’s also made for easy travel. Stylish and light weight, this bassinet can be used in a number of ways for babies under 6 months old. Safe and sturdy for use at home, yet light and durable for use on the go. Be sure to add the gorgeous sheets specially made for the Sunbury Cocoon mattress and the Height Extenders are a must! Size: This product measures Approx. 89.5cm x 84cm x 46.5cm (W x H x D)

  • Up to 23% Off! Cocoonababy Star Limited Edition

    Cocoonababy Nest

    SAVE Up to $82 Off RRP!

    The Cocoonababy Nest is Designed and used by French Obstetricians in France and abroad. Used in the home day and night for full-term babies. Also used by health experts. While respecting the medical recommendation to sleep the baby on her back and with the help of the medical teams, a new model had been developed. Real nest of enlightenment and comfort he reassures the baby and help to adapt smoothly to life after birth. A child who has lost known landmarks in the womb of his mother feels safe and content.    

  • Up to 15% Off! Prima Dona Bassinet White

    babyhood Prima Donna Bassinet

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    The babyhood Prima Donna Bassinet is the basic bassinet with all the answers. The Prima Donna Bassinet comes with all the features you need for a peaceful sleep. Includes a breathe eze fibre mattress fitted sheet and a quilt so you are all ready for bub. Large breathing vents provide ample airflow for a fresh sleeping environment. Features Includes - stand, mattress, quilt, castors and hood Large air flow vents on both sides Breathe eze fibre mattress - allergy & dustmite resistant Adjustable hood Easy clean removable fabrics Large storage basket Lockable castors Flat fold stand Available in White & Cream

  • Exclusive to Bubs n Grubs in Brisbane 16% Off! Babyhood Satin Bassinette White

    Satin Bassinet by Babyhood

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    The Babyhood Satin Bassinette is a component of this extensive Breathe Eze Bassinette Collection. All babyhood bassinettes include a Breathe Eze mattress, fitted sheet, quilt, large under basket for storage, 4 lockable castors, an adjustable hood and convenient carry handles. You'll be certain to look for a babyhood bassinette to match your home from the extensive selection of modern to classic styles. Large adjustable hood Quilted side wall for extra comfort Carry handles Elegant short skirt to hide underbasket Large under basket Locking castors babyhood Breathe Eze TM mattress Quilt Fitted sheet Fitted and full insect net Hanging toys  

  • 26% Off! Chicco Next 2 Me Pearl

    Chicco Next 2 Me Co-Sleeping Crib

    SAVE $102.95 Off RRP!

    Chicco Next 2 Me is a small light weight and compact co-sleeping cot perfect for traveling or for use in the home.  As a result of the design, you will keep your little one close by and safe at night with this small, light-weight and compact co-sleeping cot perfect for travelling or for use in the home. Act Fast - this deal is for a Short time only.

  • Cariboo Folding Bassinet

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    Handy fashionable and transportable, the Cariboo Folding Bassinet is really a flexible and cost-effective bassinet that's simple to store flat when no more required. And also truly being very lightweight, the item is a secure, durable and well-known option for mom and dad. Ideal for babies until approximately 5 months or until they begin rolling over or pulling themselves up.

  • Up to 20% Off! Fitted Nets for Bassinettes and Pams

    Universal Fitted Nets for Bassinettes Strollers and Prams

    SAVE Up to $3.95 Off RRP!

    The Universal Fitted Nets for Bassinettes Strollers and Prams is a Universal Insect Net is designed to fit Prams/Strollers and Bassinets. The fully elasticated net provides a good firm fit and keep insects out. It is available in 3 colours, White, Black and Navy.  

  • Up to 29% Off! babyhood sleep positioner Grey

    BabyHood Sleep Positioner

    SAVE Up to $10 Off RRP!

    The babyhood Sleep Positioner is created to help your child and also to prevent the child from rolling over. The Baby Sleep Positioner is made out of a soft micro towelling fabric that is stain proof and colourfast. It is also machine washable. The Sleep Positioner / Anti Roll Pillow is adjustable and can be made bigger or smaller to obtain the correct fit as your child develops. No more sleeplessness stressing about your baby rolling over. Perfect for use with the babyhood Cosy Crib.

  • 14% Off! Amby Mosquito Net

    Amby Mosquito Net

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    SAVE $4.95 Off RRP!

    The Amby Mosquito Net is custom made for the Amby baby hammock sling.  Simple to slip over the sling and encloses easily with a drawstring.  Perfect for indoor use in summer or outdoor use any time of year.  

  • Up to 18% Off!

    Bassinet Mattress

    SAVE Up to $10.95 Off RRP!

    The babyhood Breathe Eze baby Bassinet mattress provides optimal support to protect the spinal column of your baby. The natural polyester fibre mattress is firm and elastic and provides your baby with the necessary support and comfort. The 100% polyester fibre is anti-microbial, dust mite free and as pure as a new born baby. The use of bonded fibre creates a natural environment free of synthetic chemicals and ensures a fresh and healthy environment. The best part is the cover is removable for easy washing and fast drying in the sun. They are available as Bassinet mattress in various sizes. Choose the right size for your Bassinet mattress below...  

  • Up to 45% Off! Babyhood Breathe Eze Cosy Crib Plantation

    Babyhood Cosy Crib Breathe Eze

    SAVE Up to $62 Off RRP!

    For Premie Plus to move directly into a cot, the babyhood Cosy Crib consists of breathe EZE firm fibre for the secure, safe and allergy free environment. Additionally, exactly the same firm filling out the babyhood cosy crib can be used in the sides. The Cosy Crib works for a light-weight transportable mattress. Simply put the Cosy Crib on the safe, flat working surface as well as your baby is going to be assured of the comfy, sound sleep.