Baby Swings

Baby swings can be a life-saver! A Baby swing imitates the rhythmic rocking motion of the womb and work magic on some cranky babies and keep them entertained at the same time.


Munchkin SwingWhen baby is having difficulty sleeping, a baby swing can do the trick, while giving you a much needed moment to yourself. Considering the womb months, your little baby will probably enjoy the delicate movements of Baby Swings.


A swing for baby can be secure area to leave him or her in. Colicky newborns may also be calmed by this method. Typically there are settings on the baby swings that we sell for reclining partially when napping and a different setting for sitting up.


A few newer models can be used for larger babies. Normally full-sized swings are designed for indoor use, for babies from birth to 6 months. There can be a wide variety of music, speeds, and toys.

The motion of baby swings is usually front to back, however some go from side to side like a cradle. A harness needs to be used with any and all types of swings when baby is in it.

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    Munchkin Swing

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    The Munchkin Swing is the latest swing on the market with the latest technology. As a result, baby will go to sleep faster and longer. In addition, it is easy to use with the bluetooth connectivity built in. It is perfect for babies who prefer to be rocked or held. This Baby Swing gives parents a safe and comforting spot to put baby. We love that it recreates the calming side-to-side swaying motion which most babies love, making it the closest thing to being cradled in your arms. Parents went crazy over the nuna leaf, but this is the next level - fully automated and superior! Due to it's unique design, you can store it away in tight spots - even under the bed! And since it's so easy to pack down, it's also perfect for transporting. Be that to the grandparents house, on holiday, or simply from room to room at home.  

  • Ingenuity Bella Teddy Swing n Go Portable Swing

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    The Ingenuity Bella Teddy Swing n Go Portable Swing has been designed with parenthood in mind. They gave this swing premium, luxurious fabrics that are as comfy-cozy as they are practical. What babies love is the incredibly soft fabrics with an added comfy head rest that offers extra support for smaller babies. You can even remove it as baby grows. Even the safety harness is wrapped in soft, fleecy fabrics to protect baby's sensitive skin. When it comes to comfort the Bella Teddy Swing and go is hard to beat! The Boutique fashion will compliment the décor of any home. The colours are intentionally nuetral so that they suit a girl or boy. The contoured headrest and seat pad can be removed and tossed in the washing machine. ETA FOR DISPATCH: APPROXIMATELY END OF JUNE

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    Graco Sweet Snuggle Swing

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    The Graco Sweet Snuggle Swing will soothe and comfort baby with it's four seating positions and six swing speeds. This means that you can choose the speed that best suits your little baby. The Graco Sweet Snuggle Swing comes with a comfy deep plush seat which boasts a two-position recline to give your baby the ultimate in comfort. Additionally, it has an overhead toy bar and 15 songs and sounds to keep baby completely entertained!

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    Nuna Leaf Toy Bar

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    The Nuna Leaf Toy Bar is designed to suit the Nuna Leaf and has 3 soft toys. The toys are removable and the toy bar can attach to any location on the LEAF. Nuna Leaf Sold Separately.