Wall Murals

Transform Your Child’s World with Walltastic Wall Murals

Elevate Every Corner, Ignite Every Imagination


Walltastic Wall Murals aren’t just wallpapers; they’re portals to extraordinary realms of creativity and wonder. Dive into a world where your child’s dreams come to life, where every corner becomes a canvas for adventure. With a mesmerizing range of captivating, detailed designs, Walltastic caters to all age ranges, from the tiniest tots to the trendiest teens.


Unleash Your Child’s Imagination

Imagine a wall covering that embraces any space, up to a generous 8ft x 10ft. Walltastic’s genius lies in its flexibility. Delivered in panels, these murals adapt effortlessly to your space. Roll them out like a gift from a magical realm, ready to adorn your child’s bedroom, nursery, or playroom.


A Commitment to Nature

Walltastic is not just about imagination; it’s also about sustainability. The paper used in our products is sourced from companies dedicated to the FSC™ Forest Management Programme. By choosing Walltastic, you’re also contributing to the well-being of our environment and the preservation of our forests.


Endless Possibilities, One Solution

Versatility reigns supreme with Walltastic’s wall murals. They adhere to any smooth surface, whether it’s walls, doors, or furniture. And for the ultimate in personalization, why not create your very own wall mural? With Walltastic, the possibilities are as limitless as your child’s imagination.


Designing a Dream Haven

Decorating your child’s room is an adventure that promises boundless fun. It’s the one space in your home where you can let your creativity run wild, and you can even include your child in the process. But while you’re crafting their dream haven, remember to balance their needs with a touch of vibrant cosiness.


Customize to Perfection

Before you begin, consider what your child adores – their favourite colours, beloved superheroes, dreams, and the stories that fuel their creativity. Compile a list of their preferences and dislikes, and let this be your guide as you embark on designing options like theme rooms, whimsical furnishings, faux wall paintings, and imaginative windows.


The Magic of Themed Rooms

If themed rooms are your vision, select the perfect theme colour for the room and complement it with toys and accessories that bring the theme to life. These finishing touches will transform your child’s room into a world of wonder and imagination.


Enhance Every Corner

Don’t forget about versatile furnishings and unique window treatments, which can further enhance the look of your kid’s room. For flooring, opt for rugs adorned with beloved cartoon characters and amusing themes. Ensure their safety with non-skid pads under decorative area rugs, and keep all electrical wires out of their reach.


Display Their Creativity

Lastly, reserve a special place to proudly showcase your child’s artwork, collections, and projects – a testament to their boundless creativity and your loving support.


With Walltastic Wall Murals, you’re not just decorating; you’re crafting a world where your child’s dreams take centre stage. Let their imagination soar, and create a space that’s vibrant, cosy, and, above all, uniquely theirs.

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