1300 x 690 mm

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    Babyrest Deluxe Innerspring Cot Mattress

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    The Babyrest Deluxe Innerspring Cot Mattress is a superior innerspring mattress. It boasts a damask cotton cover with air vents, double heat-treated spring unit and an ultra-support foam layer. Not only that, it has a 100% CHOICE Recommended rating. This cot mattress passes the voluntary firmness standard AS/NZS 8811.1:2013 ensuring it is firm enough to provide a safe sleeping surface for your baby. The Babyrest Innerspring cot mattress is available in a wide range of sizes to suit most standard cots.

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    Babyrest DuoCore Bamboo Cot Mattress

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    Parents and children love the Babyrest DuoCore Bamboo Cot Mattress. The right cot mattress is the key to a child's sound sleep which is essential for your child’s growth & development. Children require varying degrees of sleep support as they grow. The Babyrest DuoCore Cot Mattress is the first cot mattress in Australia featuring unique dual-sided technology. It's foam core is engineered to provide the right amount of support & comfort from newborn through to toddler. In addition, the ventilation channels allow maximum airflow for temperature regulation, breathability and freshness. The Babyrest DuoCore Cot Mattress provides the best sleep surface for your child throughout their early years of development. The result is a perfect recipe for a sound sleep... for baby and mother.