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  • Silver Cross Pioneer Pram + FREE Maxi Cosi Adaptors

    If you are looking for a wayfarer on steroids, then the new Silver Cross Pioneer is for you. For the Next Few Customers, Receive a FREE set of Maxi Cosi Adaptors worth $49.95 The Silver Cross Pioneer is is big, bold, generous and robust. A lightweight and durable pram and pushchair system, the Pioneer has been designed for life on the go – so it never holds you back, whether you’re navigating city streets or planning something more adventurous. A true three-in-one solution, the Pioneer is suitable from birth, right up until your child starts exploring on their own. It includes both a carrycot and a seat unit, allowing you  to use it as a lie-flat pram for your newborn, and also a forward or rearward-facing pushchair when they get a little older. You can even add a Maxi Cosi car seat to create a complete travel system. The deeply padded apron and a UPF 50+ hood can be easily fitted onto the newborn carrycot and the pushchair, allowing you to brave the elements with confidence. And because exploring is fun, the Pioneer is available in seven beautiful colours, so you can choose a style that really suits your personality. What's Included? Key Features What we love about the Pioneer

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    Em’s 4 Kids Audio HeadPhones

    $44.55 $40.91
    SAVE $4 Off RRP!

    Em's 4 Kids audio headphones are designed with kids in mind just like all of the em's for kids earmuffs. They are built tough, and designed to handle everything kids can throw at them! Em’s 4 Kids Audio Headphones are not technically noise cancelling, as they don’t use battery-powered noise cancelling functions. However, they are noise reducing – they act like a pair of regular earmuffs, while providing an audio option. Em’s 4 Kids Audio headphones have internal acoustic treatment, which ensures a noise reduction rating of 19dB. This means that a child is able to hear people talking and some other external noise, when the audio is not being used. However, when audio is being played through the headphones, a child will not be able to hear most external noises. Features include: In built volume limiting, ensuring the volume never reaches above 85dB - the maximum recommended level for prolonged exposure* Inline volume adjustment Internal acoustic treatment, reducing external noise In-built strain relief to ensure the audio cord can't be pulled out of the earmuff cups Size adjustable Includes zippable carry hardcase Weigh only 220g Recommended age range: 12 months to mid-teens. * American Speech, Language and Hearing Association; U.S. Center for Hearing & Communication

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    Em’s 4 Kids EarMuffs

    $24.54 $22.73
    SAVE Up to $1.81 Off RRP!

    Em's 4 Kids EarMuffs are almost the industry standard just like the baby ear muffs - they are the first real ear muffs designed for kids that actually block sound and protect baby's ears! Weighing only 190 grams, these earmuffs are light but sturdy. They can be folded up to fit in the palm of your hand, making them easy to carry with you, or store away. The age range for Em's 4 Kids Earmuffs is 6 months to mid-teens. Em's 4 Bubs are great for settling your child while in noisy environments, such as: Concerts Motorsport Events (such as drag racing, Formula 1 and V8 Supercars) Fireworks Displays Airshows Around the house and in the yard Crowded places, such as shopping centres