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    Hug A Bub Traditional Ring Sling

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    If you are looking for a Baby Sling that is fast and easy to put on and off for birth and up, then the Hug a Bub Traditional Ring Sling is ideal for you. The Hug a Bub traditional Ring Sling is available in two fabrics being a reversible or an organic mesh.   The Hug A Bub traditional Ring Sling is quick and easy to get on and off and can be used from birth up to any age. It's made from elegant, fine hand-woven cotton and is ideal for breast-feeding. Sturdy, lightweight aluminium rings make the ring sling fully adjustable, while the wide shoulder and back distributes your weight evenly. All of this ensures your comfort as well as an embracing experience for your child, whether newborn or toddler. The long tail of the Hug A Bub Traditional Ring Sling has many uses, and can serve as a sun-shade or allow you breastfeeding privacy. You can even tuck it away to create a different look. This clever Ring Sling supports your baby's weight and draws him into your body to become part of your weight. It also allows you to carry your baby in any of the five positions she prefers. It's ideal for shorter periods of carrying your child, while taking a walk or doing the shopping. The Hug A Bub Traditional Ring Sling has quickly become one of our most well-received, popular baby carriers ever, thanks to it's simplicity, security, flexibility and truly authentic look and feel. It's also perfect as a convenient, on-the-go companion to the nurturing closeness of a Hug A Bub Wrap Carrier.