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Nursery Design / Baby Needs Consulting

We will make life easy for you and stress free by sharing over 10 years of industry experience with personalised service.

Nursery DesignBubs n Grubs Nursery Design service goes a lot further than just offering to sell you best of breed designer nursery furniture, car seats, Prams, strollers, high chairs, bassinets, portacots, bathing and changing solutions, breast feeding products, child safety solutions etc. at the lowest prices in Australia.

We offer a unique personalised Nursery Design service to our customers where we will visit you in the comfort of your own home and understand your specific needs. This includes in terms of designing a nursery with the theme of your choice, as well as understand your lifestyle, so that we can tailor a complete solution for your specific needs – after all – everyone’s needs are different, which means everyone has different challenges.

When it comes to our Nursery Design service. designing a Nursery is not just about making it look pretty. (although that may be high up on the agenda and we are good at that!)

There may be a need for creative ways to give you the most storage you can create in a small amount of space, whilst ensuring that it is safe, practical to use and at the same time, create a theme of your choice. You also need to make sure that your nursery is designed with the utmost safety in mind.

Nursery Design Considerations:

On top of that there are many other issues to consider when it comes to Nursery Design…


We can save you money by making sure you choose the right products for your needs the first time….

Statistics show that mums buy 5 prams/strollers per child! We do not want that to happen to you! So by understanding your lifestyle, your home, your cars along with other information, we will give you the best options available on the market.

Car Seats:

From safety issues through to getting one that suits the vehicles you have. You need to decide which strategy is best for you in terms of weather you want a travel system for your pram and capsule, or you may find after talking to us that a Birth to 4 Convertible Car seat would be the best choice for you… combined with a pram/bassinet combo.


Do you want to use a bassinet for your newborn? Or would it be better for you to go with a Baby Snuggle bed style of product combined with your cot?


If you are planning on breast feeding – we will discuss the plethora of options available on the market, the benefits – which ones are most important to you ?

Home Safety:

Which Child Safety products are best for your home? How best to “child proof” your home for your child’s safety? By taking us up on our Nursery Design Service, we will analyse your home and give you our feedback and advice on how we suggest you go about handling the child proofing of your home challenge. Everyone’s home is different and every home needs to be looked at carefully. We know what to look for in a home and it doesn’t always mean that you need to buy a product – it can often be a very simple “fix” to prevent a potential safety problem.


What electronics are in your house that may interfere with certain baby monitoring systems? Is it worth considering a baby respiratory early warning system? These are just some of the issues we address in our Nursery Design service – and there are more…

Even the smaller subjects such as cot bumpers… Is the baby’s nursery air conditioned? Is the Manchester and bedding breathe eze, yet easy to clean? Do you have pets? Do you need cot a canopy net?

Baby Changing Strategies, cloth nappies or disposable nappies, nappy services and more..

There are so many other issues you will need to think about that you may not know about yet.  We will make it easier and less stressful for you and your partner by sharing our experience in the industry, what works and what doesn’t..

We wont just design your nursery, we will sit down with you and your partner, look at all the issues, give you all the options available to you based on our experience and give you our professional guidance.

Our goal is to help you make the right choices the FIRST TIME and at the same time, ensure you have a gorgeous nursery that is practical to use and makes life easier for you and your new family.

This is how we add value through our Nursery Design Service.

We do not just recommend baby products that we want to sell when you take us up on our Nursery Design service. We act completely independently, giving you independent advice. This service is charged as a one off fee which can be used as a credit against product if you choose to buy your products from us. If you don’t – that’s fine by us – we have been paid for a service which we have provided for you.

If you are having a baby – give us a call and let us help you and guide you through this and make the experience a whole lot easier! Or perhaps one of your relatives is about to have a baby – we have often been employed by relatives and friends as a gift to their loved one…

Drop us a line either by phone or email using the contact us page at the top of the screen to organise an appointment with our baby needs consultant to discuss our Nursery Design Service in more detail.