Peter Potty Toddler Urinal

Peter Potty Toddler Urinal
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The Peter Potty is an amazing product! – Potty training any kid is never fun, but mothers have had to deal with all kinds of special tricks when it comes to boys. Unfortunately, no matter how much you try, boys do end up leaving a mess for the mom to clean up. Perhaps if your little one had a urinal like their

Dad uses at a public bathroom, they’d be more likely to concentrate. This isn’t just a plastic urinal for the short ones, but it’s the first flushable version for your kids.

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Product Description

Peter Potty Toddler Urinal

Innovative Boys Potty Training Product!!!

Potty training your kid is one of the biggest parenting challenges parents will face – the Peter Potty makes it a whole lot easier!


The Peter Potty is an amazing product! – Potty training any kid is never fun, but mothers have had to deal with all kinds of special tricks when it comes to boys. Unfortunately, no matter how much you try, boys do end up leaving a mess for the mom to clean up. Perhaps if your little one had a urinal like their Dad uses at a public bathroom, they’d be more likely to concentrate. This isn’t just a plastic urinal for the short ones, but it’s the first flushable version for your kids.

The Peter Potty will grow with the child, it adjusts nearly 4 inches. So before long you’ll need to switch all of them to a regular toilet.

Ideally you by no means have a male drunken guest though that decides if they crouch just right, they also can use it. The Peter Potty urinal includes a refillable water reservoir, once you push the button, the urine enters into a little bucket. That bucket of the Peter Potty holds many rounds for the child.

The PETER POTTY Toddler Urinal is ideal for first-time potty training of little guys, for the transition from sitting to standing, or just for reducing the mess of bad aim?.

Research indicates that training with the PETER POTTY can achieve success six months faster than training with traditional potty seats. That’s because training in a standing position is more natural. This also eliminates the need to retrain later. A great reward for success, the real water flush actually helps keep the urinal clean with less odor.

Real-water flush!? No plumbing required? Grows w/your child (18 months to 4+ years)Both floor mount & wall mount options

Adjustable height (Up to 24′ in height)

Ideal for first-time training or transition to standing

No miss, no mess, no splash!

Removable reservoir for cleaning

Dimensions: 31 x 26 x 61cm (adjustable in height by 10cm)

Weight: 2.27kgs

Tips for Potty Training with the new PETER POTTY

Peter Potty items are made to have the potty training procedure simpler – in order that you acquire more good results, with less clutter! Regardless if you are just starting out, are searching for another answer or merely are prepared to transition your kids towards independence, Peter Potty items are the best choice!

With regards to potty training, all kids are unique. They learn at different age groups, and in various ways. You must do the things that work for you and your family.

Remain consistent and patient and don’t forget to help keep that sense of humor. Your kids will quickly be potty trained and also on his method to achieving his next milestone towards independence.

In the end carry on and work together with pediatricians and educators to supply the very best products and procedures for potty training, we welcome input from our users.

When to Start:

  • Is your child at least 18 months old?
  • Is your child dry for at least two hours (for instance, after a nap)?
  • Does your child dislike being in a wet diaper?
  • Can your child understand words such as wet, potty, have to go?
  • Can your child follow simple directions?
  • Does your child show interest in using the Peter Potty?

If you think your son is prepared, you have to make certain you are prepared too. Potty training requires a great deal of time and dedication from both parent and

child. Patience, understanding and support are what you must be ready to supply. A a sense humor will certainly assist as well!

The Peter Potty Toddler Urinal is ideal for just starting out, and the changeover on the standing position. Perhaps mother and father of ‘accomplished toddlers’ will

see that making use of the Peter Potty lessens the mess inside the bathroom.

Peter Potty Pointers:

  • Pick a potty training product that is stable and secure. Also, look for a product that appeals to your child, yet is still easy toclean. Remember that pieces with more complicated designs can be more complicated to clean!
  • Make sure that the potty is the right size for your little one. They should feel comfortable and secure and should be able to keepclothing away from their body.
  • Begin potty training at a time of low stress for your family. A new house, a new baby, daycare or any big changes can create astressful experience and set you up for failure. Pick a time when you can provide the consistency that is essential to your child’s success.
  • A child’s behavior needs to be reinforced with lots of praise. One of the easiest things you can do is provide positivereinforcement through hugs, kisses, high-fives and general excitement. Other useful tools July be to use stickers or tickets which can be accumulated for a small toy,a special trip to the park, a ride on a train or even a small piece of candy. Use whatever motivates your child.
  • Have frequent potty breaks during playtime. During this time, everyone should stop what they are doing to allow for the trip to thepotty. This will reduce the thought that they July be ‘missing out on the fun’.
  • Never punish or scold your child for accidents. Prepare yourself for the fact that accidents will happen as your child learns to usethe potty. This is when you need to take control and be a loving supportive parent, encouraging your child that this is part of learning. Assure him that he will beable to make it to the potty the next time.
  • Reduce liquid intake at night. While you are first potty training it is wise to use a pull-up diaper through the night to avoidaccidents and negative feelings about the whole experience. Once your child starts having dry pull-up diapers after the whole night, you can start using underwear atnight.
  • It is easiest to potty train while your child is wearing just underwear because it is easy to get them down in a hurry and he July even beable to do that by himself.

Potty Training with the PETER POTTY TODDLER URINAL

  • The introduction of the Peter Potty Toddler Urinal into the household should be a celebration.
  • Set up the Peter Potty at the right height for your child. The button on the side of the urinal will provide for up to 4′ in heightadjustment.
  • Show your child the urinal, how it works and how it flushes. Explain how the flushing works and that it is only to be flushed to‘wash away’ the pee-pee. Once finished, have your child explain it back to you.
  • Keep the potty close to the ‘action zones’ of their environment for easy and quick access.
  • With the Peter Potty design, your child does not have to ‘aim’. He should just stand close and face forward and there will be nomess to clean.
  • You will find that this is remarkably easy! Simply aim and shoot!

When all else fails, consider these thoughts:

  • Reevaluate if your child is ready to train. All children learn at their own rate and that no two children train in the exact sameway or at the same age. If your child is not ready, the experience can turn into a negative experience for both the child and parents.
  • While most young boys have seen male role models use a urinal in a public facility, it July help to have another male stand and usea toilet or Peter Potty in front of your child. This will show him that this is a normal body function and not scary in any way. Your little guy will feel coolstanding like his daddy, not sitting like a girl.
  • Many boys start potty training outside on a tree, wall or fence. Transitioning to the Peter Potty will be easy because he is stillable to continue standing like his Daddy or big brother.
  • Expose your child to other children who are already potty trained.
  • Keep Trying.

The weight and dimensions below are cubic and relate to packaging for shipping purposes only - they are not the dead weight and dimensions of the product itself

Weight2.72 kg
Dimensions5 x 5 x 5 cm

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