Baby Cradles

A baby cradle can be a more convenient and comfortable sleeping place for your baby during the first few months. A cot is fine too – but your baby may feel more at ease in a smaller space.


You can move these portable baby cradles from room to room, letting you keep a close watch on your sleeping baby. At night, you can put the cradle right next to your bed for easy middle-of-the-night feedings and comforting.


Some baby cradles also rock as well so you can give them more comfort to help them to sleep easily.


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    Kaylula Co Sleep Cradle

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    The Kaylula Co Sleep Cradle is a cradle designed for the parents who want to co-sleep.  As a result of the unique design, you can either use the cradle in the baby nursery or at your bedside or wheel it around as you would with a bassinet around the house the house, during the day so baby is always in arm’s reach of you.

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    Kaylula YoYo Cradle

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    Kaylula Yoyo Cradle The Kaylula YoYo Cradle is like no other and matches the Kaylula Sova Cot perfectly as intended. Made from Beachwood timber, the Kaylula YoYo Cradle is the best quality and workmanship available. The Kaylula YoYo Cradle is designed to be used rock baby as needed to assist getting baby to sleep! Kaylula Yoyo Cradle Features: • Bentwood • Sturdy base • Smooth sway motion • Includes deluxe mattress and side padded walls • Includes 3pce linen set (Fitted & Flat sheet and sleeping bag quilt)