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Nursery Furniture

Nursery Furniture and Baby Furniture including baby cots, change tables and dressers is our specialty and something we known to do very well in the Australian market place for some time. We have colour choices from white to walnut to english oak. We also range from classic cots through to new modern style cots. and lots of cot accessories. All are top end cots, regardless of price.


You can purchase our baby nursery furniture online and in our Brisbane store. All of our products are top brand baby furniture brands in Australia. We are big fans of babyhood cots.


Why Our Nursery Furniture and Baby Cots?

Most first time parents are not aware of the difference in safety from one brand of Nursery Furniture to another.  Some cots have an Australian Standards Certificate that came from overseas where the cot was made. Higher Quality baby cots have been tested in a proper lab such as Furntech. Furntech do their testing here in Australia. Furntech are one of only two proper testing facilities in Australia. This is the same Lab that is trusted and used by our own ACCC.


At Bubs n Grubs, we do all the hard work for you. This ensures that we only offer products that are safe for your baby and offer higher quality design features. The bottom line is that they are built to last and safe for your baby.


Baby Cots & Safety


Buying baby furniture from online only sites and auction sites is risky for parents. It makes it much more difficult to know where it was tested and what the quality is like. It also makes it more difficult for the ACCC to ensure these cots do actually meet the Australian Safety Standards.


The ACCC recently recalled lots of cots sold online only. Unfortunately, we are still seeing them pop up under new names. Buying baby furniture online should only be done from a genuine Bricks and Mortar baby store. It should be sourced by them through an Australian Branded Nursery Furniture Manufacturer.  This ensures its safety and quality is second to none.


All of our cots come from top brands who are specialists in baby furniture. They all genuinely meet the Australian Standards.  We also go further by very carefully reviewing all of our baby furniture before we offer it for sale. We do this to make sure it is of the quality we want our customers to enjoy. Furthermore, the safety, design and ease of use of all of our baby furniture is a key criteria before we decide to take it on and offer it to our customers.


Our range of baby furniture includes cots, toddler beds, change tables to chests of drawers, chest changers, dressers, trundle drawers, book cases, toy boxes and more. It has all been selected based on quality, practicality, safety and value. Most of the cats are convertible cots. This means they convert to a toddler bed later on. The Most popular right now is the babyhood classic cot range.


We focus on cots that are standard size costs versus boori size cots which ensures you never have a problem with suitable baby bedding. This means that all your cot accessories will be suitable.


We believe all of our nursery furniture products are the best value for money products on the market. We deliver our nursery furniture and baby furniture all over Australia, including into remote areas with extremely competitive costs.


Be sure to check out our amazing Baby Furniture Package Deals as well. They can save you hundreds!


  • Up to 21% Off!

    Sunbury Cocoon Bassinet

    $199.95 $157
    SAVE Up to $42.95 Off RRP!

    Not only does the Sunbury Cocoon Bassinet provide your baby with a well-ventilated, bug free sleep zone, but it’s also made for easy travel. Stylish and light weight, this bassinet can be used in a number of ways for babies under 6 months old. Safe and sturdy for use at home, yet light and durable for use on the go. Size: This product measures Approx. 89.5cm x 84cm x 46.5cm (W x H x D)

  • 15% Off!

    Amby Eye Bolt

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    $12.95 $11
    SAVE $1.95 Off RRP!

    The Amby Eye Bolt Kit contains a Steel Eye Bolt, Nyloc Nut and two nylon washers. If you have removed the Nyloc nut from the frame you will need to purchase a new one. Or if you are unfortunate enough to lose your Eye Bolt and require a replacement, they are available to be express posted so your baby won’t have to wait long for a good nights sleep. Just let us know that you need one in an extra hurry!

  • 16% Off!

    Amby Cross Bar

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    $24.95 $21
    SAVE $3.95 Off RRP!

    The Amby Cross Bar for the Amby Baby Hammock is made from high quality powder coated metal. If you are unfortunate enough to lose your cross bar and require a replacement, they are available to be express posted so your baby won’t have to wait long for a good nights sleep. Just let us know that you need one in an extra hurry!

  • 16% Off!

    Amby Spring Regular

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    $24.95 $21
    SAVE $3.95 Off RRP!

    The Amby spring Regular is rated to 12kg. A second spring may be required: -    for heavier babies & for older children (up to 2 years of age or 20kg) who love the hammock, and -    for use with heavier babies/children using the Amby Jump Jump. If you are unfortunate enough to lose your spring and require a replacement, they are available to be express posted so your baby won’t have to wait long for a good nights sleep. Just let us know that you need one in an extra hurry! The new Amby Springs have been engineered to suit premature infants and are proudly 100% Australian Made and Owned!

  • 12% Off!

    Amby Frame

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    $154.95 $137
    SAVE $17.95 Off RRP!

    The Amby frame has a double function, easy to use and move, quick to assemble The Amby Baby scratch resistant frame is made high quality powder coated metal and can be assembled in minutes. It can used with the Amby Baby Hammock Sling for sleeping time and with the Amby Jump Jump at other times. Although the Amby baby hammock can be easily and quickly packed up or picked up and moved, some Amby customers choose to purchase a second frame to have either upstairs or at the grand parents’ house for regular visits. Unlike our competitors the compact Amby Baby Hammock frame will fit through a standard doorway, ideal for moving room to room. *Springs sold separately.

  • 14% Off!

    Amby Travel Bag

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    $34.95 $30
    SAVE $4.95 Off RRP!

    Take your Amby Baby Hammock anywhere with the Amby Travel Bag! The Amby Travel Bag enables you to take your Amby baby hammock anywhere you go. Made from heavy duty materials, it can withstand being thrown into the boot of your car or being taken on an aeroplane. The Amby baby hammock packs away quickly and easily into the zip-up bag.  

  • Up to 16% Off!

    Amby Fitted Sheets

    $24.95 $21
    SAVE Up to $3.95 Off RRP!

    The Amby fitted sheets come in a pack of two.  They are 100% cotton and available in white, raw cotton or blue and suit the Amby Baby Hommocks.  

  • 10% Off!

    Bertini Bookcase Walnut

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    $329.95 $297
    SAVE $32.95 Off RRP!

    The Bertini Bookcase Walnut is designed to suit both the Bertini Miko and the Bertini Renaissance Nursery Furniture ranges. The finish of the Bertini Renaissance baby furniture range is second to none. Features Solid timber frame with timber veneer panels and shelves Sturdy construction Anti-tip furniture strap Compatible with: Renaissance Cot, Renaissance Change table, Miko Cot, Miko Change table and bertini chest of drawers. Available colours: White Walnut Coffee Bean Dimensions of product assembled: 168H x 76W x 34D cm Dimensions of product folded: Carton A: 166H x 77W x 10D cm, Carton B: 87H x 42W x 18D cm Weight of product: 35.5 kg  

  • 14% Off!

    Amby Mosquito Net

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    $34.95 $30
    SAVE $4.95 Off RRP!

    The Amby Mosquito Net is custom made for the Amby baby hammock sling.  Simple to slip over the sling and encloses easily with a drawstring.  Perfect for indoor use in summer or outdoor use any time of year.