How to Clean, Service and Maintain a Pram or Stroller

We are often asked How to Clean, Service and Maintain a Pram or Stroller by parents who want to look after their pram and want it to last to avoid replacing them when it could have been avoided.  Just like a car, no matter what brand it is, prams and strollers need regular preventative maintenance and should be cleaned regularly. Not only to keep it running well, but from a hygiene point of view.

How to Clean, Service and Maintain a Pram or Stroller

When you think about where prams wheels go and the pram bumps in to, even cleaning the wheels is important for hygiene too. On top of that, add dust, hair from carpet and often mud and mix that with wheel bearings, gears and moving parts and it can be a recipe for disaster with your pram.

Then of course, the fabrics also need to be cleaned to keep it looking great and hygienic.

Below, I discuss how to do this regularly so that it is easier than having to do it only once in a while or when there is a problem.  If you wait till there is a problem, you will risk something being broken or worn out and most manufacturer’s wont cover it if it is due to it not being looked after as it should be. On top of that – the inconvenience of not having a pram or stroller will most likely drive you around the bend while waiting for it to be resolved by a pram repair agent.

Fabrics and Stroller Liners:

Firstly let me say that good quality stroller liners are your friend. They will help keep food, drink and other contaminants from making stains on the stroller itself.  They are much easier to clean than the pram or stroller fabrics as they are easily removed and can generally be thorn into the washing machine. The best part is they will make it more comfy for your baby!

remove pram fabricIf you aren’t using a stroller liner, then here’s some tips on cleaning the fabrics.  If your fabrics are able to be unclipped and removed, then check if they are able to be machine washed.  If they can’t be or are too big for your washing machine, a bath tub can make it a whole lot easier to clean.


Smaller parts such as the straps can be removed and hand washed with a clean cloth and soapy water.  once you are done, you can leave them out in the sun to dry.  The other option is to put your washing machine on a delicate cycle.

For fabrics you can not remove from the frame, a vacuum is great for picking up particles or a lint roller can be handy too. For stubborn stains on your pram, there is two options without buying fabric stain removers which can damage fabrics.

You can try a 50/50 mix  of baking soda with castile soap and then add some water to it. The other option is a 50/50 mix of vinegar and water which you could spray onto the seat area and scrub the fabric gently with a brush.

If you have leather or a leather-like fabric on your pram or handles, think of it like a leather car steering wheel and use something such as a mothers leather cleaner and protectant.  Like a steering wheel, handles see the sun, your hands and the same contaminants such as oils from your skin etc.


Removeing a Pram WheelPram Wheels and Tyres are a critical part of looking after your pram or stroller. They must be cleaned regularly and maintained properly. If you don’t, you are looking for trouble. Just like a Four Wheel Drive Vehicle, when you take it off road, it needs to be cleaned and serviced afterwards.


Remove all wheels and give the tyres a quick clean. Be wary of using solvents, some may damage the rubber or plastic. If your wheels have bearings in the wheels themselves, then it’s a good idea to give the bearings a quick spray with a Teflon type lubricant.

We don’t suggest oils or silicones because they attract dirt and hold it there and can cause problems. Some manufacturers may not cover warranty claims if there is a problem caused by using the wrong lubricants – you can check your user manual or contact the manufacturer for advice if you are not sure.

How To Clean, Service and Maintain a Pram or StrollerWhile the wheels are off the frame and you have a Teflon cleaner handy, the moving parts near the back wheels need to be sprayed as well as the bearings in that area as well. If your pram or stroller has disc type brakes, then don’t get lubricant on them. This is usually only on true jogging prams.

Now it is time to move to the front of the stroller or pram where you removed the wheels.  This is has more moving parts for steering your pram or stroller.  Give all moving parts a clean with paper towel and removing all grit is a must.  Then give all the moving parts a coat of Teflon lubricant including bearings on the axle and for steering. This will make a big difference if it hasn’t been done regularly or at all.

While working on the chassis and you have a Teflon spray and paper towel or a clean cloth handy, clean the moving parts related to the folding mechanism to make sure there is no grit or dirt on those area’s.  Then, give the moving parts for the folding mechanism a quick squirt of Teflon lubricant so that it folds easily.

When it comes to the chassis, always wash the frame down with fresh water if it has been on the beach or has mud on it. if the frame is painted, you can use a good quality wax to protect the paint from fading.  For minor scratches, a paint cleaner for car’s can remove them depending on how bad they are.  If you do this, always use a wax type product to then protect the paint from fading.  When you use a cleaning product, you remove any protectant from the paint generally speaking, so this is key if you want your frame to look great.

Now, something people often forget is to check the locking devices work properly such as the brakes and the locking mechanism for folding it.  This is really important and is a safety issue. It is not unheard of for parents to accidently hurt themselves whether it is simply pinching their skin or a cut if the folding mechanism is jamming due to lack of cleaning and maintenance.

It is very important to think of your pram or stroller like a car when it comes to looking after it.  If you are the type of person who doesn’t have time to do it yourself, then like a car, take it to a repair agent and pay a small fee for it to be done for you.

Having a clean pram or stroller by simply giving it some regular preventive maintenance will keep it hygienic, safe and keep it working and looking great for many years to come!

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