Toffee Bear

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    Cloud B Glow Cuddles Bear

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    The Cloud B Glow Cuddles Bear is a plush companion that combines both sight and touch to help deliver the sleepiest slumber. The Cloud B Glow Cuddles Bear is a Family Choice Awards winner!  With just a little hug, the touch-activated bear and bushy-tailed bunny give off a soothing glow. This is in addition to the calming rhythm of a heartbeat to help pacify even the fussiest child into a peaceful sleep. Mum's tell us, it is great for transitioning your little ones into their own big kid bed!

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    3 Sprouts Storage Bin

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    Enable your kids to clean up their act with a 3 Sprouts Storage Bin. Well sized for storing toys, books or laundry our storage bin measures 17.5" in height and 17" in diameter. Due to them being made of a cotton canvas the bins are tough enough to hold whatever you throw in them. At the same time, they are cute enough to complement the best dressed home.