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    Joovy Spoon Walker

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    The Joovy Spoon Walker is a baby walker that is built to road, built to last, easy to clean, certifiably safe, flame retardant, chemical free, grows with your child and is easy to store. With its sturdy, yet storable design, the Joovy Spoon Walker is strong enough to hold babies up to 30 lbs, is height adjustable with 3 height positions and still completely foldable for easy storage. Babies are curious, days are short, and you only have two arms. Let the Spoon do some of the heavy lifting, and baby will never miss a moment.  

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    Hug a Bub Certified Organic Lightweight Pocketless Wrap Carrier

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    The Hug a Bub Lightweight Pocketless Wrap Carrier will support  your delicate baby's neck and spine as well as your back while allowing you to go about your daily activities hands free. It is made from the world's most highly certified Organic interlock cotton ensuring allergies are no problem as well as being great for temperature control. Hug-a-Bub® led the baby wrap movement in Australia and continue to be the leading wrap carrier down under. The Hug-a-Bub® Wrap Carrier, if used only for the first 3 months of your baby’s life, will have profound long-term benefits for you both.  This is not just a baby transportation device, the Wrap Carrier meets a very specific new born need for closeness and support. Very few carriers are designed to suit newborn babies but the Hug-a-Bub® is safe and suitable for even the tiniest premature baby.  Perfect for kangaroo care, a mother's body temperature will regulate to suit what her baby needs, rising when the baby is cold, falling when the baby is hot. And your baby's head is cradled and supported against your chest, promoting healthy spine development. Babies have many needs, as do parents. Hug-a-Bub® carriers and slings are designed to be worn throughout the day so that neither of your needs have to be sacrificed. Hug-a-Bub® carriers allow you to be hands-free and continue to do what you enjoy to do while maintaining the sense of closeness and connection with your baby. You can bring your baby everywhere and have the freedom to do so much more. The Hug-a-Bub® Certified Organic Pocketless Wrap carrier is made from the world's most highly certified Organic interlock cotton and including the unique self-storing pocket. The soft, heavenly material comes in many earthy colours. These exquisite pocketed wraps pamper parent and baby in comfort and style. The Hug-a-Bub® Pocketless Wrap carrier boasts all the convenience of the wrap, is ideal for warmer weather or as a second carrier and comes at a price to delight the budget conscious. Suitable from premmy babies up to toddlers. No weight limit. This Hug a Bub Size is Huggable - for AUSTRALIAN WOMAN - size 8 up to size 18

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    Safety 1st Multi-Purpose Appliance Latch

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    The Safety 1st Multi-Purpose Appliance Latch assists keep children from accessing potentially harmful appliances.