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    Anstel Cena Highchair

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    With the Anstel Cena Highchair you will make dining with baby fun, easy & comfortable! Parents love that it has 8 height adjustments. This means that you can feed baby from the dining table no matter what height your dining table is along with the family. Optionally any other position you prefer - standing or sitting! Messy mealtimes can be easily cleaned up with the removable tray, and easy-clean seat fabric and it folds up beautifully and easily. Comfort is second to none with the soft padded seat and baby is safe with the 5 point safety harness. It's made in Italy, so quality is second to none.

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    Babyrest Aria Bedside Bassinet

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    The Babyrest Aria Bedside Bassinet is a fantastic unique bedside co-sleeper and bassinet in 1. It is a true 2-in-1 newborn sleeping solution with both a Bassinet mode & Co-Sleeper mode. In the initial few months after you can have baby by your side. Just position the Aria close by your bed, and fold down the side panel for safe & easy access. The 8 height positions allow you to adjust the Aria Bedside Bassinet to the same height as your own bed. If your newborn suffers from reflux, you can ever have it angled to help with reflux. Baby will love the 360° mesh sides which allow maximum ventilation. As a result, they will enjoy a safe and cool sleeping environment for baby. In addition you will keep baby within your full view from any angle.

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    uPang UV Sterilizer

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    The uPang UV Sterilizer is a waterless UV sterilizer designed for sterilising a wide range of everyday items from baby bottles to baby toys to mobile phones, tablets, gadgets, a computer mouse, keys, wallets and remote controls by using the multi cycle unit on the Sterilize cycle. The key benefit of UV sterilization is that there is no risk of mildew and odd smells due to wet bottle storage. In addition, Infra Red dries your bottles and toys prior to the UV sterilization process. Free Delivery Australia Wide