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Childproofing your home

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Childproofing your home can be a big task, so we’ve provided these easy-to-read home safety tips. We’ve listed necessary information for helping safeguard against hidden hazards in different rooms. Our room-by-room reference guide helps you to keep what’s most important to you safe – your children.

Childproofing The Kitchen

There are more things to harm kids in the kitchen than anywhere else in the house. These include poisonous materials, choking hazards, sharp utensils and hot objects. Avoid making the kitchen a play space and minimise the time your child spends in the kitchen by making it uninteresting to them.

Childproofing The Bathroom

The bathroom is fun during bath time, but there are things to look out for.

Childproofing The Lounge Room

When your home is childproofed, your curious child can explore and discover new things in safe surroundings which will make you feel more at ease.

Childproofing The Children’s Bedroom

Make the area safer for sleeping and playtime by following these safety tips:

Childproofing The Stairs and Hallways

Falls from stairs are especially dangerous, so be sure to install gates before or as soon as your child starts crawling. Toddlers are often fascinated with stairs so you’ll need to ensure yours are gated.

Childproofing Other Rooms


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