Child Safety and Practical Tips for Furniture

Child Safety and Practical Tips for Furniture

Before buying your child furniture, there are several child safety and practical measures to be taken into account to ensure the safety of your child as well as the practicality of the item. This also applies to other furniture around the home that your child will come into contact with.

You should consider the following Child Safety points when getting your baby furniture and also how to child proof your current furniture :

Stability – a wide based and sturdy item (eg. high chair) that is very difficult to tip over.

No sharp edges – be sure the underside and the area surrounding your furniture is free from rough or sharp edges. For wooden items, make sure that there are no splinters that are exposed. There are edge guards that can be purchased that can help with this.

Adjustable – it is best that the furniture is adjustable considering the fact that your child grows up fast and you would want to keep the furniture for a longer period. This is especially true for bedroom furniture or bedding sets which is not only costly but bulky and you would want to make sure that it is still usable for years to come.

Easy to clean – You’ll want easy to wipe surfaces, in anticipation of your baby or toddler which will most likely be playing, spitting and throwing food in every crack of the furniture he or she can reach. For furniture made of fabric, make sure it has removable fabric that can be easily cleaned.

Lockable Wheels – wheels can be convenient for moving the furniture from room to room, but always be sure the wheels are lockable when your children is in it or when it is not in use to prevent any untoward accident.

Safety Straps and Guardrails – this is needed for baby high chair or changing table to prevent baby or toddler from slipping off. Safety straps for other items around the house are important too – think about the LCD  or Plasma TV – it should have a safety strap connected to the wall to prevent it from tipping.  This applies to lots of items in the house that can be grabbed and pulled at and possible tip.  Look at ways to secure those items to a wall to reduce the risk.

Storage – a furniture that is foldable or collapsible will make storage easier when it is not in use.

Ease of Use -must be easy to set up and take down.

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