Walltastic is a fantastic recent find of mine and great for the less artistic amongst you: it looks amazing. It’s a simple sectioned wallpaper system that has an impressive image on it that looks truly professional and you don’t need to crack a Leonardo Da Vinci code either to get it right.
John Amabile – TV Designer
The products look great, it is a great idea, they do look wonderful.
I have just hung the Jungle design in my little boys bedroom and it looks great one happy boy.
Are there any more designs on their way? It is just I am very excited to see what is coming. Having now seen the Fairy on in the flesh ( so to speak). My friend has put it up already and I know I will be getting one for my girls room too. The quality is outstanding. Many Thanks.
I think the designs are great and will go well on our site.
Great Mural – My Lad loves it, Would Recommend 100%. Many Thanks
Sean Masom, Milton Keynes