Let us share the History of Veer. On the sidelines of a sporting field, a father and stroller expert — Andrew Bowman — witnessed as parents struggled to push tired infants and toddlers up and down hilly terrain.


Andrew had always longed to hang a shingle out himself.  Knowing there was a better way, he imagined this was his chance.  Trusting his instincts, he gathered a veteran crew of craftsman, designers, engineers and storytellers who arrived hungry for adventure.  From preparation to execution the team was diverse, but they all shared a common eagerness to join Andrew on his new quest – Veer.


As the Veer team began to work, a certain dynamic became clear.  This was not just about mobility.  It was about family fun.  Scrapping convention, the team crafted a rogue, safety-approved, all-terrain vehicle with the prowess to embark active families into a world of outdoor adventure and unlimited fun.  Veer had been born.


Today you can find families pushing the limits of the back country, navigating the paths less traveled and traversing city jungles with ease and style in their Cruisers.  Now family tested and expedition approved in the U.S., Andrew and his crew is now taking the Veer movement worldwide and working on new products like Basecamp (and beyond!) that inspire great family fun.


Join in.

  • 27% Off! Veer Cruiser Rear

    Veer Cruiser

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    Veer Cruiser is the world’s first All-Terrain Crossover that blends all of the feel, functionality and safety of modern premium strollers with the classic fun of a wagon. Cruiser comes equipped with 2 Cup Holders and a Drink and Snack Tray. The journey matters more than the destination so why should child mobility be ordinary when it can be extraordinary? Veer was founded by and for those who do not want to follow the beaten path, but blaze their own trail.

  • 7% Off! Veer Bug Shield

    Veer Bug Shield

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    The Veer Bug Shield zips to the Veer Retractable Canopy (sold separately) and stretches across top of Cruiser to help keep bugs away from little ones. Use of the bug shield is suitable for one seated passenger. Note that the Bug Shield comes standard with the Nap System.

  • 19% Off! Veer Cup Holders

    Veer Cup Holders Set of 2

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    Veer Cup Holders are perfectly sized to accept containers from a Swell water bottle to a Yeti tumbler. Two cup holders come standard with every Cruiser. The Cruiser conveniently accepts six for those special events. Each pack includes 2 Cup Holders. Note: Every Cruiser comes equipped with 2 Cup Holders.

  • 18% Off! Veer Drink & Snack Tray Hero

    Veer Drink & Snack Tray

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    The Veer Snack & Drink Tray comes standard with each Cruiser and is a perfect accessory to help toddlers have snacks and drinks at hand for a quick rest stop. For easy storage, the Tray fits nicely in the Veer Foldable Storage Basket (sold separately). If you lose your original Snack & Drink Tray, this is the replacement item you would order.

  • 25% Off! Veer Foldable Rear Storage Basket Rear

    Veer Foldable Rear Basket

    SAVE $34.99 Off RRP!

    The Veer Foldable Rear Basket is designed to add even more cargo space to the Cruiser. The lightweight aluminium and soft-sided storage basket mounts solidly into the Cruiser’s two anchor points behind the rear seat. It folds for easy transport or storage without removal. The soft-sided construction is removable and machine washable. A mesh zipper hood either discreetly rests on the bottom of the basket or doubles the capacity by covering clothes and other bulky items. Drink and Snack Tray and Napper both fit comfortably in this accessory.

  • Up to 20% Off! Veer Infant Car Seat Adaptors Maxi Cosi

    Veer Infant Car Seat Adapter

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    The Veer Infant Car Seat Adapter is compatible with major brands of infant car seats quickly and intuitively fasten to the Cruiser’s frame, enabling your infant to live the Veer experience. You can place your car seat in any of four positions: facing you or facing the outside world, and above the front or back seat of Cruiser. The Veer Cruiser can accommodate 1 infant car seat. (For 6mo+ twins, please consider the Toddler Comfort Seat.)

  • 24% Off! Veer Nap System 2

    Veer Nap System

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    The Veer Nap System turns your Cruiser into a JPMA safety certified Bassinet. This makes your Cruiser the ultimate rest stop or changing station for young ones. It is suitable from birth up to 9 kg and 69 cm, whichever comes first or until your infant pushes up on their hands and knees. A soft, removable mattress pad is included. The Veer Nap System includes magnets built into the cleanable sidewalls that keep it snug to the Cruiser sidewalls and includes four bungee connection cords that attach to the seat backs to keep little ones safe.

  • 12% Off! Veer Retractable Canopy Top View

    Veer Retractable Canopy

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    The Veer Retractable Canopy quickly and intuitively clips onto Cruiser’s frame and easily extends up and down. One or two can be attached above either seat. A peak-a-boo window allows you to see your precious cargo and discreet, hidden magnets hold the window in the up position. Canopy works perfectly with Napper to create the perfect rest stop for young ones.

  • 24% Off! Veer Toddler Comfort Seat Top View 2

    Veer Toddler Comfort Seat

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    The Veer Toddler Comfort Seat easily inserts into the Cruiser’s standard seat. This gives your child cushioned comfort and support. It is designed for children from 6 months up to 15kg. It includes a 5-point harness for safety. Soft, padded fabric creates an ultra-comfortable seat and headrest. Hidden magnets on the side wings ensure an easy, snug fit with the side walls. Two Comfort Seats can be used simultaneously (one on each seat). The cruiser will fold when using one Toddler Seat. Comfort Seats can also be used with Veer’s Retractable Canopies.  

  • 21% Off! Veer Travel Bag

    Veer Travel Bag

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    Use the Veer Travel Bag to take your Veer Cruiser on trips with you and to keep it safe whilst in transit, be it in the car, train or plane. The Cruiser is perfect for traversing airports with a young family in tow. Whether it’s two youngsters or gear, Cruiser helps keep it all together. Veer Travel Bag is the perfect jetway companion. Padded in all the right places and made of rugged nylon, it keeps the Cruiser safe when checked at the airport. Simply stand Cruiser upright, slide the bag on top, and fasten with the velcro tabs at the bottom. The Travel Bag will accommodate the Cruiser, Cup Holders, and Tray.

  • 22% Off! Veer Weather Cover 3

    Veer Weather Cover

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    With the Veer Weather Cover you wont have to let the weather rain on your adventure. The All-Terrain Weather Cover will allow you to keep your passengers warm and dry in rain, snow and wind. Three in one design utilises your Retractable Canopy(ies) to give 1 or 2 passengers and/or Rear Basket coverage.