Three Icelandic mothers of 8 making up the Roro team. Eyrún is the founder and CEO, Birna is our designer, web developer and photographer and Sólveig is in charge of marketing and sales.

The company name Róró originates from the Icelandic word “ró” which means calmness and comfort. Róró is dedicated to helping babies and their caregivers feel better. It was founded in 2011 around a single idea: to make a product for babies that imitated closeness when their parents needed to be away. Indeed, the idea of the Lulla doll was born when our friend had her baby girl prematurely and had to leave her alone in the hospital every night for two weeks.

Many people have contributed and helped our little company Róró and the Lulla doll come to life including doctors, nurses, biomedical-sound and electrical engineers, musicians, designers, artists, marketing, business people and all our testers, family and friends.

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    Lulla Doll Is Unique. The Lulla Doll helps babies go to sleep and stay asleep. She actually plays a real life recording of a mothers heart beat and breathing for up to 12 hours. Unlike white noise devices, she wont turn off after 15 minutes allowing baby to wake again needing intervention from you as a parent. A Neutral Colour makes it ideal for boys and girls, the Outer fabric is a soft natural cotton blend making it safer and absorbs parents scent. Further, it is machine washable! Free Delivery Australia Wide for a Short Time Only.