Regalo Baby is a family-owned company headquartered in Burnsville, Minnesota. As a family-owned company, we know the importance of having peace of mind in the safety products you purchase for your children. We design and creat products that we use every day for our children and grandchildren. Safety, quality, and affordability are at the forefront of every conversation. We only create products that we see value in and would buy for our own children! Take a look around and check out the products we have to offer. You’ll find that all our products are created with three core components: Safety, Simplicity, and Security.


You can rest assured that when you invest in a Regalo Baby safety product you are receiving one of the safest products on the market. Nearly every Regalo Baby product is JPMA certified and meets all ASTM standards. What exactly does that mean?  ‘JPMA’ stands for the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association.  We voluntarily submit our product to go through rigorous testing standards set by JPMA and the American Society for Testing and Materials.  We submit our products each year to maintain the safety certification. We’re proud to say we’ve always maintained one of the best safety records in the industry.

  • 19% Off! Regalo Deluxe Portable Toddler Bed

    Regalo Deluxe Portable Toddler bed with sleeping bag

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    The Regalo Deluxe Portable Toddler bed is a portable, multi-functional toddler bed for your little one. With a frame made entirely of steel and covered with a sturdy canvas material. It includes reinforced stitching for added strength, durability and security. In addition, it includes a deluxe sleeping bag with pillow that fits snuggly over the frame. Regalo designed the toddler bed to set up in seconds and fold down compactly with a single motion.

  • 16% Off! Regalo Expandable Plastic Baby Gate

    Regalo Expandable Plastic Baby Gate

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    The Regalo Expandable Plastic Baby Gate has been designed to help you protect your baby and your home. Parents love the simple and easy to use design. It is easy to expand to the right size opening and stands 58cm High. Made of high-quality plastic, the baby gate is designed to easily step over. It has an easy to use twist and lock system to secure the gate in place. The perfect gate to move from room to room as you need!

  • 19% Off! Regalo Hideaway Bed Rail Front

    Regalo HideAway Bed Rail

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    With the Regalo HideAway Bed Rail, parents will enjoy a stress free sleep. You will be able to go to bed confident that your little one is enjoying a safe sleep. The Regalo HideAway Bed Rail provides all the protection needed to keep your little one safe in bed as well as the benefit of the Hideaway feature! New hideaway technology allows the bed rail to lay flat and be tucked under the mattress . This means that it's up when you need it and out of sight when you don't! In addition, it doesn't get in the way of making the bed or changing the sheets! This unique feature assures a perfect fit for your mattress. It even includes a Carry case.

  • 27% Off! Regalo My Play Six Panel Portable Play Yard Hero

    Regalo My Play Six Panel Portable Play Yard

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    The Regalo My Play Six Panel Portable Play Yard provides you with a safe play area for your child in seconds. Parents love that it is lightweight. It folds up super easy and can be used both indoors and outdoors. These three features make it perfect for travel. It is large, so there is plenty of room to play. it is truly ideal for mobile babies at home, when traveling, at the park or a day at the beach. Designed for 6 month to 24 month old toddlers. In addition, it has mesh walls which provide visibility from any angle so you can keep an eye on baby when needed. The frame is steel, so it is sturdy and safe for a maximum weight of up to 34Kg's. ETA FOR DISPATCH: END OF MARCH APPROXIMATELY

  • 12% Off! Regalo Swing Down Bed Rail

    Regalo Swing Down Bed Rail

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    The Regalo Swing Down Bed Rail is an easy to use bed guard that swings down out of the way to enable easy access to the bed when the parent chooses. It is perfect for transitioning your child to their first bed. To make the rails convenient for parents needing to get their kids out of bed, the rail swings down and out of your way, making it simple to access the bed. As a result, it gives parents the control they need.

  • Up to 21% Off! Regalo Portable Toddler Bed

    Regalo Portable Toddler Bed

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    Bring the portable Regalo Portable Toddler Bed (My Cot) along when visiting friends so your child can have a place to nap. Or keep one handy at home for small visitors. This Portable Toddler Bed is designed specifically for children up to 127 cms tall; is washable, sturdy and lightweight.. The My Cot Portable Travel Bed is perfect to pack in your suitcase when you are traveling to visit friends or family, staying in a hotel room or while camping.

  • 14% Off! Regalo Easy Step Gate Extra Wide Closed 2

    Regalo Easy Step Gate Extra Wide

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    The Regalo Easy Step Extra Wide Safety Gate is a safe and convenient way to contain and protect both your child and home. A true walk through gate, means not more risk of tripping when stepping over a gate. Made from Steel, it is sturdy and easy to use. The opening for walking through is 40cm which is plenty wide for adults. You can adjust it to fit openings from 73cm all the way up to 96cm. Additionally, it is tall as it stands at 76cm high. The best part is that the special latch automatically locks when it is pushed closed.