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Oregon Scientific

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    Oregon Scientific WS907 Air Sanitizer – Black

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    The Oregon Scientific WS907 Air Sanitizer uses NCCO technology. As a result, it reduces air Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) with 99.6% efficiency in a 200 ft. range. On top of this, it reduces the presence of allergens and viruses. In addition to its Nano-technology filter, it sanitises the air with an ionizer which can be used at home or at work or in the baby nursery. Its stylish design and Liquid Crystal Display help it blend better in your home or work environment, and to track the progress and effectiveness of your filtration.

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    Oregon Scientific WS908 Compact Air Sanitizer

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    The Oregon Scientific WS908 Compact Air Sanitizer allows you to breathe filtered air in smaller places such as while you drive a car or even in your baby nursery. It does this by using a unique, low-powered NCCO technology for optimal efficiency and portability. It safely purifies the air in 30-50 ft² range and is able to remove pollutants including allergens and viruses in addition to VOC particles with 99.6% efficiency. The Compact Sanitizer includes a USB Cord, AC Adaptor and Car Adaptor power cables to increase your options for power anywhere you go.