Mum 2 Mum was created in 2004 by two Mums, Jo Bond and Jo Keall. The two of us met at Parent Centre antenatal classes. Like many antenatal classes ours grew into a coffee group and it was here that the two of us formed a bond and great friendship. So now we would like to share our story with you all……..

After having our first children and experiencing all the joys of parenthood (not to mention reflux, dribbly babies and ezcema) we were inspired to create products that would help new parents ease into life with their new baby. Our motivation came from the overwhelming, tiring and frustrating experiences we had finding good quality baby products in our local baby market. Being research queens we sifted through tons of books, spent hundreds of hours on the internet and made frequent trips to the shops and soon realised that there was a need for quality affordable baby products and it was so overdue. So we decided to pool our 10 years experience in the corporate world to create our own company Mum 2 Mum and design our own products.

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