Never worry about offensive, unsanitary nappy dispsal again!

Providing quality products to families throughout Europe, the Korbell system offers premium superior construction, an odour-free, triple-sealing system, attractive hygienic design, and ease of use.

Once you try the Korbell Nappy Disposal System, you’ll never know how you did without it.

  • Korbell Diaper Nanny Refills


    Korbell Nappy Disposal Refill For Nappy Bin Also made to suit The Diaper Nanny Disposal System. Korbell Plus Nappy Bin refill - up to 240 nappies Nappy bin liners made from biodegradable material


    Korbell Diaper Nanny

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    The Korbell Diaper Nanny Nappy Disposal System is an Innovative, odour-free, and hygienic solution that offers the best in comfort and simplicity thanks to the system's high-quality, tough enclosure. The Korbell Nappy Disposal System utilizes a triple-sealing system to make certain odour-free nappy disposal. Simply use the foot pedal to open up the device's lid (the hands never touch the product) and wrap the nappy utilizing biodegradable disposable bags that are dispensed with an easy-to-load cartridge. The Korbell Diaper Nanny removes the necessity for regular draining of the unit by keeping more nappies than most disposal units available on the market. Disposal is fast and simple, as is installing of refill cartidges. Don't accept substitutes -- the Korbell Nappy Disposal System provides you with peace-of-mind in a smooth, secure unit that is simple to use and removes unpleasant odors.