Here at Joovy, we’re not just corporate hotshots in an office designing products to sell.


We’ve been where our customers are, and everything we make reflects that. No more throwaway products, no more ugly patterns and cheap design.


What we build here is designed to grow with  families, not fill up a crowded garage and be outmoded the next time you have another baby.


We want you to get a Joovy product, and use it until it’s run ragged by the memories you make together as a family.


We think families are facing quality control issues — not just with what they buy, but the time they spend together.


Time rushing from one appointment to the next. Answering emails from work while we watch our kids’ soccer practice.


We’re spending time, but we’re not fully present in these moments, we’re not always really there.


Joovy believes in making the most of the time you spend together by truly spending it together, by making each moment, however small, truly count with your family.

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