JL Childress

J.L. Childress Co. was created 30 years ago from one mother’s needs. While trying to integrate her career as an Art Director for Disneyland with her desire to breastfeed her infant daughter for as long as possible, Jan Childress designed a tote bag to carry her breast pump (the Express Bag) and a separate, insulated bag with reusable ice pack (the DuffleCOOL) to care for the milk until she arrived home. She marketed the Express Bag and DuffleCOOL to other working moms. As sales increased rapidly, Jan worked around her babies’ schedules to design and market additional products to meet the needs of active parents. Through hard work and determination, J.L. Childress has continuously grown over the years to become a leader in juvenile travel accessories both in the US and worldwide.


Product development has always been and continues to be centered on developing highly functional designs at value-driven prices for today’s practical parenting. Past, present and future product inspiration is born out of everyday parents’ needs and refined by our valuable panel of J.L. Childress MVP’s (Most Valuable Parents!) as well as industry experts.


Jan’s babies provided the inspiration for many of the company’s original products and are once again providing the inspiration for J. L. Childress. After careers in corporate marketing, Jan’s daughters, Kate and Sarah (who are both new mothers!), are now responsible for the company’s continued growth and relevance to their generation of parents.


Thank you to all of the families over the past 30 years who have appreciated our products! A special thank you to our family of worldwide retailers for their loyalty and continued support as the J.L. Childress brand and family continues to expand.

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