Ems for Kids

Ems for Kids / Ems for Bubs products are designed with kids in mind. In 2007, Australian parents Daniel and Kate were searching for “child friendly” hearing protection for their newborn daughter Emily.


As a musician, Daniel knew that hearing is precious and needs to be protected. As a suitable solution for Emily proved hard to find, they decided to create something just for kids.


Out of this, Em’s for Kids was born.


As the business grew, parents began requesting an option for babies. Once again, nothing was available, so in 2010, Ems 4 Bubs baby earmuffs were created. To this day, they are the only earmuffs in the world designed specifically for infants.


Following this, Em’s for Kids continued to innovate and added a line of volume limited audio headphones to their range, releasing Em’s for Kids Audio in 2014.

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