Cloud B

As founder and CEO of Cloud b, Linda Suh, took her keen eye for design and years of experience in the fashion industry and applied her passion, expertise, and mother’s intuition into developing unique, innovative products designed to help children sleep.


A mother of two children, Linda started this journey with Cloud b when her daughter Madeleine was only 2 months old. Now 10 years later, her two children Madeleine and Kaidan are 11 and six. As the brand grew throughout these years, her children have continued to grow as the inspiration behind the heart of the brand.


Founded in 2002, Cloud b is the world’s leading brand of products and accessories that help parents and children sleep. We hold the honor of being internationally recognized as the number one and original brand in the sleep niche category. This is thanks to high-quality designs, exceptional safety standards. In addition, products that are proven to help children sleep safely and soundly through all stages of development.


Our sound & light products have been thoughtfully designed to create a soothing and calming environment. This results in products that help establish consistent sleep routines for babies, children, and parents.


Pediatric research has confirmed that familiar, soothing sounds calm the mind and help children achieve a more peaceful, deeper sleep. We attribute much of our success to the recommendations of the Cloud b Advisory Board of pediatricians, parents, teachers, and sleep specialists.


Linda has been involved in every aspect of building Cloud b – from product development to daily operation – since its inception in 2002. Parents can always trust the quality and customer service that Linda has instilled in the company from day one. Cloud b products now help families sleep better and stay healthier in 42 countries around the world.

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