Bumprider is probably the most universal stand-on board avaliable on the market. Ensure a smooth and comfortable ride on any surface or weather thanks to the unique suspension. Installing a stand-on board has never been as easy. No tools or special expertise needed.

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    BumpRider Sit

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    The Bumprider Sit is a Toddler Board is designed to fit all strollers and prams that has a seat and handle bar. As a result of the versatile design of the Bumprider Sit, the Seat & handle bar are removable in 3 different configurations. You can use it as a Toddler board only or a toddler Board and Seat, or a Toddler Board + Seat + Handle bar!

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    BumpRider Stand on Buggy Board

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    Bumprider is probably the most universal and fit able stand-on board available on the market today. The balanced suspension technique ensures a smooth ride, even on bumpy roads. Bumprider is designed to fit on any stroller or pram-type due to it´s universal connector that has almost endless adjustment possibilities. Bumprider is suitable for children from 2 to 5 years of age and up to 20 kg. Unique Features Bumprider is equipped with quick release for easy mounting and dissemble from your stroller. No tools needed. Because Bumprider suit all types of child carriages, you do not have to change stand-on board when changing pram. Bumprider is designed and tested in Sweden. * Smooth suspension * Connectors adjustable in width, length and height * Real working Suspension * Anti-traction surface Bumprider is designed to fit on any pram, jogger, stroller or buggy. *We reserve us from any incompatibility. Easy Installation Due to Bumprider's quick release system for easy mounting and dissemble from your stroller, installation is very easy. No tools needed.