The Amby Baby hammock was an invention of necessity. It was created by Ambrose Hooi as a measure to help his daughter who had become an unsettled, restless & colicky baby at 4 weeks of age.

The encapsulating environment of his initial crude version of today’s hammock, along with the rhythm of the rocking, created a comforting ‘nest’ which helped his daughter sleep, grow and feed well. Having adequate sleep brought much joy for their whole family and made their lives easier.

Ambrose’s idea back then was the catalyst for the successful Amby product range that you can buy today. His baby hammock bed, over the last 23 years has grown to be a saviour for many parents and carers all over the world.

Most babies who use the hammock as their bed develop into happy, healthy and contented babies. They are less inclined to be insecure and they do not seem to cry a lot. They are used to long, sound and unbroken sleep – untroubled either by insecurity or discomfort. These are traits that appear to be common amongst ‘hammock babies’. They tend to be ‘easy’ babies and as is the case with most ‘easy’ babies, they are confident and resilient.

We at Amby Baby work hard to maintain our customers’ loyalty and the unrivalled reputation of our products. To this end, Amby Baby welcomes all customer feedback and is always open to exploring new ways in which it can help parents and babies.

We invite you to try the Amby baby hammock for your baby. We are sure you will be delighted. Please read Ambrose’s story below.

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