AeroMoov aims to make life simpler for parents. Our goal is to inspire parents to go out and enjoy life, together with their children, without that everything-but-the-kitchen-sink feeling.

AeroMoov products keep babies comfortable and secure when on the move, in the city and off the beaten track. Our pursuit of safe, smart and high-quality products never stops. Being parents ourselves, we challenge our products to the maximum so that you can enjoy our easy-to-use products day after day.

Our values

Innovation: continuously looking for new technologies, we want to offer smart products that make a difference every day.

User-friendliness: experts by experience, we strive for products that combine aesthetics and functionality.

Honesty: we only market useful, relevant products. Moreover, all AeroMoov products are manufactured with the utmost care and – in line with our responsibility – subjected to the strictest quality standards.

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