Babyhood Doppio Twin Pram Review

The Babyhood Doppio Twin Pram Review


For growing families who want to get out and about, double strollers are a real lifesaver. Whether you’re pregnant with twins, are planning to have your children close together or already have two little ones, a double stroller is one of the best investments you can make and the Babyhood Doppio is a serious contender.


Adrienne Biscontin of The Stylish Bump Recently played with the babyhood Doppio. Here’s her review…


The babyhood Doppio Twin Pram is the latest and most innovative single to double stroller on the market. You will love that it has been designed specifically with growing families in mind.  Able to be fully customised from single to twin to double pram, to travel system. Ideal for one child, twins, a baby and a toddler or two toddlers of different ages. With 16 different configuration modes, and it’s VERY impressive.


I so wish the babyhood Doppio had been around with my first two babies who were just 14 months apart. Four years ago there were no options for single strollers that converted into doubles. Babyhood’s Doppio really is a fantastic innovation that will meet so many family’s needs, and make lives MUCH easier!


babyhood Doppio Twin Pram Pushing with 2 Seats

Stylish in design with it’s leatherette handles and streamlined frame, it is surprisingly lightweight for a double stroller, but still feels completely sturdy enough to support one and two children safely.


Seats and Bassinets…


I love a stroller with a bassinet; I think it gives your newborn or baby a much more comfortable and secure sleeping environment. Undoubtedly the constant movement and gentle rocking of a moving stroller helps them to drift off to sleep. A horizontal bassinet that you can place them in safely swaddle wrapped and tucked in with a blanket means you can still be on the move while your little one has a safe and comfortable place to sleep.


The BEST part about the babyhood Doppio seats is that they convert easily to a bassinet. With three clips on the back of each seat, they are easily converted. You just unclip the support straps and the seat shape changes to a completely horizontal bassinet. This is ideal for a newborn to 8kg, where they can comfortably and securely have a nap or a rest.


With such a large capacity your baby will probably want to sit up and look around at the world long before they’ll outgrow the bassinet though.


babyhood Doppio Twin Pram with 2 Seats

It really has been designed with a growing family in mind. The seat mode is suitable from 3 months of age and a comfortable 18kg weight capacity. That might not sound very much, but my 4 year old and 6 year old daughters still aren’t 18kgs yet. As a result, if you purchase it while your children are young you should get plenty of mileage out of it.


They both come with comfortable and easy-to-remove seat liners too, when it gets grubby and needs to be washed.



Sun and Insect Protection


Both seats have a large hood with zip off mosquito-net mesh. This provides them with full ventilation and protection from insects, dust, glare from the sun and some protection from the wind. The ‘mozzie-net’ buttons easily to the side. It fits under the seat securely so it won’t fall off or flap in the wind. The hood provides quite a lot of coverage over the seats too. This is great for giving extra shade for your little one whether they’re fully reclined or sitting upright.


The stylish canopy and hood provide optimal air flow and greater visibility with a large zip open mesh section. There’s also a canopy extension for better protection from the sun and wind. This means that they can see you and you to keep an eye on them. The hood offers SPF 30 sun protection too.


Travel System Capable…

The Doppio also converts to a travel system with the Capsule Adaptor. The Adaptor is compatible with multiple capsules including the Nuna PIPA capsule and Maxi Cosi capsule. It makes for an easy click on and off the babyhood Doppio into the car.



The large front and rear wheels make it easy to control and very easy to steer with two children on board. They also help to keep the stroller balanced and sturdy. This is important when you’re going down steps, up and down curbs, over bumps and around corners. The larger wheels absorb most of the bumps too. This means your little ones have a comfortable ride – particularly good if they’re sleeping. (or trying to!) The front wheels swivel 360 degrees so you can easily navigate out of tight spots, or turn around in the one spot.


Ease Of Use


It’s so easy to click the seats into place. You can change it from a single stroller to a double, have both seats facing forwards, or rear facing quite easily. I could lift the seat out easily with my friend’s baby buckled into the seat, and my 11kg toddler Marnie too – brakes on of course – with very little effort.


The babyhood Doppio looks just as great as a single stroller too. You can use it with just one child when one is not with you. Forward facing for when they want to look out at the world, or rear facing to face you if it’s a sunny or windy day, or if you just like to face each other like we do!


The upright seating position really is upright too. This is unlike a lot of strollers that are still partially reclined so it’s not good for digesting snacks on-the-go or for little ones who suffer reflux or heartburn. Your child can sit up safely strapped in to see all around them, whilst comfortably holding onto the leatherette handle bar.


Easy Folding and Light Weight


It is incredibly easy to fold with just one smooth movement. From someone who often has back issues this really is a must-have feature. Particularly when you’re doing it all the time. Lifting heavy prams in and out of the car can be a headache for most mums. As a result, having a stroller that folds easily with one hand (yes, one hand!) and can be picked up easily to put in the car boot is a huge benefit!



The Doppio frame without the seats is a lightweight 8kgs so it is very easily lifted in and out of the car. Each seat weighing just 3kgs each is incredible.


Our car is a mid-sized sedan and it fits into the boot quite easily with the frame and two seats. Still with plenty of storage room for groceries and other luggage.


When folded the stroller stands on it’s wheels. As a result, protecting the frame from the ground, so it will stay safe from scratches and damage over time.


There’s two storage compartments, ideal for carrying toys or snacks, a baby blanket and other essentials –  5kg Capacity Under Basket & 3kg Discreet Front Storage under the front seat.


When there is only one seat in place the Doppio’s storage really is quite big . I can fit 4 bags of groceries in there quite comfortably. The front storage is perfect for snacks, a spare jumper and drink bottle. Even with the second seat, there is still plenty of under-stroller storage. The leatherette handle is great for gripping your nappy bag or handbag.


The front locking wheels and single-linked rear brakes make it very easy to push the brakes on with one foot, and off again. Easy brakes are particularly handy around steep inclines or busy roads where I always make a habit to clip the brakes on.


Babyhood Doppio Accessories


The babyhood Doppio is especially convenient for parents with extra accessories. The list includes a stylish stroller caddie for all your valuable essentials like mobile phone, wallet and keys in one easy place. There is a cup holder for your water bottle or morning coffee. In addition, there is infant capsule adaptors to create your own travel system.



And in terms of width it’s the same as most strollers on the market like the Bugaboo Chameleon. You’re not limited to taking your Doppio stroller into shops, cafes or the supermarket with your little ones.



You really can go anywhere with the babyhood Doppio.


So if you’re looking for a slimline, stylish double stroller that you can use as a single from birth right up to pre-school then check out the Doppio.


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