Baby Sleep Time

Some Times getting your baby to sleep each night can be a challenge but your job will be made that little bit easier if you have the right baby furniture and accessories you can change all of that weather it be at home or while you are on the go. Our owners have hand picked products that make baby sleep time more comfortable for baby and easier for you as a parent.

All of our Baby Sleep time products are from top brands and feature unique benefits to address different common issues.

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    Oricom Harry The Hippo Night Buddy

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    The new Oricom Harry the Hippo Night Buddy is a new soothing night light buddy from Oricom. Your little one will love the cute hippo shaped night light. It has a gradual changing multi-colour night light. It can be cycled through White, Green, Blue, Purple and Yellow colours. In addition, it also includes USB charging capability with a rechargeable battery. Parents will love that it is super easy to wash and keep clean with its removable soft silicone cover. Add Harry to the family today, a beautiful addition to any nursery.

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    Childcare Jenta Rocker Trios

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    The Childcare Jenta Rocker Trios Is a Light Weight Rocker making it easy to move around and travel with. It is specifically designed to calm and soothe your child and works well! Designed to be suitable from birth to approximately 6 months of age. The multiple seat positions mean it can be used for rest time or play time! The removable toy bar will keep baby entertained.  In addition, the 12 melodies will sooth baby when it's rest time. With a 3 point harness, baby will be comfortable and safe. It's two modes for either rocker mode or stationary mode, mean that you and baby will get plenty of use out of it.

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    Childcare Levo Swing Trios

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    The Childcare Levo Swing Trios will both entertain baby during play time and send baby off to sleep at sleep time. It will make a playful, stylish and sleek addition to your nursery. The 5 soothing speeds mean that you will find just the right speed for baby to calm and sooth baby depending on their mood. The 10 musical melodies will sooth baby to sleep. Baby will love the toy bar with 2 playful characters that rotate 360 degrees. The Crotch strap cover will keep baby comfy with the safety of the 5 point harness. With 3 auto off timer settings, you can set it just for the perfect amount of time. For the times that you need to put your baby down, here's a swing that swings, soothes and entertains them just the way they like it!

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    Childcare Nesso Mini Swing Trios

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    The Childcare Nesso Mini Swing is light and compact making it a great inclusion for your little bub. With 5 soothing speeds, you will be able to find just the right speed for your baby. The sounds and melodies of this baby swing will help sooth baby. The toy bar with 3 playful characters will keep them entertained until they drift off to sleep. With a 2 position recline, your baby will enjoy maximum comfort. The head hugger will hold baby's head upright and also ensure comfort! The 5 Point Safety harness ensures they are strapped in safely. With 3 times settings, you will not only save yourself from wasting battery power, baby will also be swung just the right amount of time.

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    Oricom Portable Sound Soother with Night Light OWL

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    The Oricom Portable Sound Soother with Night Light OWL is the ultimate portable baby sleeping aid. It's small, light, has 7 great sounds including being a shusher! In addition, it has a night light too - so it's ideal for both day to day use as well as when travelling. This cute owl shaped night light includes soothing nature sounds, lullabies and white noise to assist with the sleep routine of your child.

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    Oricom Sleep Trainer Clock Bunny

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    The Oricom Sleep Trainer Clock Bunny has been developed by Oricom to help improve the sleeping habits of your little one. Not only does it display the time and have an alarm clock, it also has a coloured backlit display which is yellow for day time and blue for night time. In addition, it shows an icon of the sun during the day and a moon during the evening. This helps a toddler learn when to sleep and when to wake. Just tell them to stay in bed until you see the sun.

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    Oricom Soothing Sound Machine with Night Light

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    The Oricom Soothing Sound Machine with Night Light enables parents like yourself to create a calm and relaxing environment in your baby's nursery. It is very simple to use.  Just choose the sound and the brightness by using the buttons on the night light, and watch as your little one is comforted as they slip into a restful sleep. To top it off, unlike other products, not only can you choose from a 30 or 60 minute times, but you can leave it run indefinitely all night if you need to. Check out the various sounds below....

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    Oricom Aroma Diffuser Night Light

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    The Oricom Aroma Diffuser Night Light is unique because it utilises new modern ultrasonic technology. As a result of it's untrasonic technology, there is no heat source and it provides a cool mist. The Oricom Aroma Diffuser Night Light is easy to use though simple controls. This allows you to create a soothing environment in the nursery for both you as a parent and your child.