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Baby Prams

Baby prams are probably the most important buying decision a first time mum and dad has to make. Mums and Dad’s buy 5 Baby Prams over the life of a child in an effort to find the right one. There are a number of reasons for this – Firstly, most baby stores are not spending time with parents to understand each customers individual needs. There is no single pram that suits everyone’s specific needs – everyone has a different lifestyle and different needs when it comes to Baby Prams. We also do not sell every brand under the sun. We have specifically chosen the brands and models that we sell as each one has a unique benefit for different parents needs. If you don’t yet know which features suit your needs and would like advice on the right pram for your specific needs, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone so we can give you the advice you need. We don’t want you to become a statistic.

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    Mima Xari Sport

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    $1,599 $697
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    The Mima Xari Sport is a Xari with a Sport Seat which is larger and offers superior comfort and support for larger or older children. At the same time, the Sport still offers the style and elegance of the mima line of products. Just with Sportier lines and more casual fabrics. The new 2019 Mima Xari Sport offers 3 positions for recline. That is for sitting, resting and sleeping! The larger seat which suits taller children is fitted with washable fabrics in modern fashionable colours.

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    Joie Mirus Stroller

    $329.95 $257
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    The Joie Mirus Stroller is a featherweight stroller sidekick designed and engineered to grow with your child from newborn on. The handy reversible push bar lets baby look both ways meaning it is a reverse handle stroller! Looks Both Ways Reversible push bar lets baby engage with mum (facing in) or discover the world (facing out)