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  • Up to 46% Off! Babyhood Diddlee Doo Walker Rocker Ocean Blue

    Babyhood Diddlee Doo Walker Rocker

    SAVE Up to $82.95 Off RRP!

    The Babyhood Safety Diddlee Doo Walker Rocker has all the features needed to help your baby walk. More than half of all babies between the ages of 6 and 15 months use walkers. It gives your child a sense of independence. It can be used to walk and play at the same time. The Safety Diddlee Doo 3 in 1 Walker Rocker will surely give your baby the confidence to stand on their own feet. Most walkers and activity jumpers only provide an entertainment space for your child to sit but the Diddlee Doo does so much more as it actually assists your child to progress through their walking milestones with confidence and support, for longer.

  • 32% Off! Jolly Jumper Musical Mat

    Jolly Jumper Musical Mat

    SAVE $12.95 Off RRP!

    The Jolly Jumper Musical Mat is an Electronic Musical Mat that makes musical fun for bouncing babies. The mat features 3 fun musical modes, dance, jungle & silly sounds. The mat can be used in conjunction with the Jolly Jumper or on its own. Musical Mat will play to babies crawling or 1st steps. ETA FOR DISPATCH: APPROXIMATELY MARCH 2022

  • 25% Off! Jolly Jumper Stand

    Jolly Jumper Stand Only

    SAVE $32.95 Off RRP!

    The Jolly Jumper Stand is an indoor/outdoor portable stand for the Jolly Jumper. Easy to assemble & dismantle it is designed for convenient portability. The Jolly Jumper frees baby from confines of their playpens and cots. Jolly Jumper not included.  

  • 8% Off! Chicco Deluxe Gym

    Chicco Deluxe Gym

    SAVE $12.95 Off RRP!

    Stimulate baby to co-ordinate their first movements with the Chicco Deluxe Gym with lights, sounds and colours! The Chicco Deluxe Gym is a delightful gym is an important activity centre with lights, sounds and colours that stimulate baby to co-ordinate thier first movements. To enhance your baby’s growth at every step of his/her development, this 3-in-1 deluxe Play-gym by Chicco comes in 3 different positions, one for each milestone including lying down mode for babies of 3 months, sitting mode for babies of 9 months and standing mode for babies of 12 months.