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Our Baby Gifts for Newborns are all from Top Brands. Our Gift Wrapping Service is a great option for people having their baby gifts delivered directly to their friends and family and we never send receipts included with the baby gifts for your peace of mind.


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  • Free Shipping Australia Wide Milestone Baby Cards

    Milestone Baby Cards

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    $19.99 $19.95
    Free Shipping Australia Wide

    These genuine Milestone Baby Cards are the set that started it all. The award winning Milestone Baby Cards are 30 photo cards that you can use to capture your baby’s first year in weeks, months and memorable moments. Just add a card to your baby photos and you will never forget when your little one slept through the night, rolled over or said mummy for the first time.

  • 17% Off! My Baby Comfort Creatures Nightlight Owl Angle

    My Baby Comfort Creatures Nightlight Owl

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    $39.95 $33
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    My Baby Comfort Creatures Nightlight Owl will Help your baby achieve sweet dreams with their Comfort Creature. It provides a decorative appeal that can grow with the child. My Baby Comfort Creatures Nightlight Owl provides the whimsical appeal of your child's favorite animal with the comfort of a soft colored glow. With its 5 LED color changing options, select the most soothing option for your little one's best sleep.

  • 9% Off! Homedics SoundSpa On The Go

    Homedics SoundSpa On The Go

    $21.99 $20
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    The Homedics SoundSpa On The Go is stylishly designed for travel and provides soothing sounds wherever you and your baby go. Choose from four tranquil sounds including heartbeat, white noise, ocean and lullaby. You can also use the clip-and-go to attach to any stroller, diaper bag, cot, playpen and more!

  • 19% Off! Homedics SoundSpa Portable

    Homedics SoundSpa Portable

    $36.99 $30
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    The Homedics SoundSpa Portable is a perfect way to melt away stress and bring about tranquility to any environment for you and your baby. Choose from six natural sounds, including heartbeat, white noise, ocean, summer night, thunderstorm and brook. Perfect for the new mom or traveler.