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Baby Bottles

Baby bottles need to not only be sturdy enough to withstand life with a newborn, easy to clean and leak-proof, they also need to be compatible with teats that position the milk correctly inside baby’s mouth and of course be BPA free.

At Bubs n Grubs, the owners have selected only the best keep all of the above in mind with our baby bottles and we only sell top brands with a proven track record such as Medela and Chicco. Check out the great range and their individual unique features.

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    Chicco NaturalFit 3-in-1 Electric Modular Steriliser

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    The Chicco NaturalFit 3-in-1 Electric Modular Steriliser is a Modular Sterilizer which quickly and naturally sanitizes bottles, pacifiers, teethers, toys, and more. It does this with the power of steam, killing 99.9% of harmful household germs.

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    Chicco Microwave Steam Steriliser

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    $49.95 $42
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    Your Chicco Microwave Steam Steriliser is compact and easy to use. The Chicco Microwave Steam Steriliser is suitable for most microwave ovens. Chicco's microwave sterilizer effectively disinfects bottles, nipples, pacifiers and other feeding items in five minutes. As a result, it naturally eliminates household bacteria harmful to a baby's undeveloped immune system. This Product is Discontinued and No Longer Available.

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    Chicco Feeding Bottle Drain Rack

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    $29.95 $24
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    The Chicco Feeding Bottle Drain Rack is the ideal answer for draining your baby's Feeding Bottles and Accessories after washing. Compact and practical, the Feeding Bottle Drain Rack can be put together simply and quickly by fitting the arms into the correct holes with light pressure. Pour any excess water in the feeding bottles into the sink and then insert the bottles onto the arms. When the feeding bottles are drained, the water collected in the feeding bottle drainer can simply be removed by lifting the upper part of the base.

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    Chicco Disposable Breast Pads 60 Pack

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    $14.95 $13
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    Chicco Disposable Breast Pads are unique because... Double absorbent antibacterial material. The soft & gentle outer layer has maximum airflow keeping the skin dry. Virtually invisible, the extra thin concave shape has elasticized sides with an effective adhesive strip.

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    Chicco Physiological Silicone Teat

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    $14.95 $10
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    Chicco Physiological Silicon Teats by Chicco - The Chicco Silicon Teat closely mimics the natural breast nipple. Ribbed rings of the Chicco Silicone Teat allow the teat to lengthen during feeding imitating the natural behaviour of a maternal nipple. Correct length similar to the maternal nipple, the teat stretches to twice its length during sucking. Large base, physiological shape closely resembles the natural shape of the maternal breast and supports baby's lips during sucking. Anti hiccup valve regulates the flow of air into the bottle.

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    Chicco Evolution Feeding Bottles

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    There are 2 models of the Chicco Evolution Feeding Bottles - BPA Free Feeding Bottles - one with a straight neck and one with an angled neck. Evolution BPA Free Feeding Bottle with straight neck - 150ml and 250ml The unique large shape of the bottle and the Physiological Anti-Colic Valve Teat assists to reduce the incidence of colic The gentle amber color with pearled ring cap and gilded packaging, provides this bottle a classy style