Baby Car Seats

We Only offer the best Baby Car Seats, Baby Capsules and Booster Seats that are convertible and non convertible. They are all from top brands such as Safety 1st, Maxi Cosi, Chicco, Nuna, Joie and Mothers Choice. All of our range are on display in our store and as a result can be demonstrated in our Brisbane baby store. Of course you can also purchase our baby car seats online.

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Our owners have hand picked the models and brands of our Car Seats and Child restraints. We have done this based on their safety features, design and practicality. Additionally, the range includes models that are designed to be able to have 3 seats across the back seat of most standard cars.


We have baby capsules from newborn through to 6 to 12 months. Convertible car seats which are rearward facing for newborns and become forward facing car seats. These can generally be used up to approximately 4 years of age. Then there are Convertible Booster seats for 6 months through to 8 years as well as booster car seats for use from 4 years onwars. Regardless of your needs, we have a solution for everyone.


Types of Baby Car Seats


All of our child restraints including Convertible Car Seats, Baby Capsules / Infant Carriers, Convertible Booster Seats and unharnessed Booster Seats are sourced from the Local Australian Distributor. This ensures it meets or exceeds the current Australian Relevant Safety Standards. More importantly, this means that you are protected with a genuine Australian Warranty.


Many babies and children are killed or injured in car crashes every year. Some of these deaths and injuries could be prevented or reduced. They just needed a seat to have been chosen and installed / used correctly.


Car Accidents are the leading cause of deaths in children aged 1 to 14 years.  This is why we are so passionate about only selling the safest child car seats on the market.


1 in 4 accidents are side impact type accidents and 40% of injuries are from side impact type accidents.  This is why we strongly recommend car seats with Air Protect Technology. Air Protect shields your child’s head from impact and immediately reduces forces through the precise release of air.


We are experts in child restraints. Our owners have well over 20 years combined experience and we only hire the best team members who are all highly trained experts.  In fact, we even have a full time team member who came from one of the car seat manufacturers who are the largest in the world. Our team would love to see you in our Brisbane store and make sure you get the right product for your needs.


We are also ACRI accredited Professional Car Seat Fitters and can install your Child Restraint for you onsite at our baby store… From time to time, we even offer Free Car Seat Fitting which can save you around – usually.


Be Sure to check out the Accident Exchange Programs for Safety 1st and Maxi Cosi Car Seats, Booster Seats and Capsules if purchased from a Approved Australian Baby Car Seat Retailer such as Bubs n Grubs.


Baby Car Seats Video


  • 22% Off! Joie-i-Gemm-Baby-Seat-Capsule-and-in-car-base

    Joie i-Gemm ISOFIX infant car seat

    $599 $467
    SAVE $132 Off RRP!

    The Joie i-Gemm is an brilliant baby capsule for mums and dads who want a safe have while traveling that is ISOFIX compatible. This will making insta€llation and removal of your Joie i-Gemm even easier too! Act Fast - This Deal is about to end...

  • Joie Gemm Baby Capsule

    0 No Rating Yet
    $349 $297
    SAVE $52 Off RRP!

    The Joie Gemm Baby Capsule is one of our best value baby capsules.  The Joie Gemm Baby Capsule is a safe haven designed and engineered to keep your infant cosy with great safety features to make installation easier for the parent and safer for your child. The Joie Gemm Baby Capsule is the perfect partner to your favourite Joie stroller. It keeps you moving even when your child is sleeping. The best part is that it fits any pram that is compatible with a maxi-cosi by just buying maxi-cosi adaptors for your pram!

  • 11% Off! Joie Gemm Car Seat Base

    Joie Gemm Car Seat Base

    0 No Rating Yet
    $199 $177
    SAVE $22 Off RRP!

    With an additional Joie Gemm Car Seat Base, you will enjoy the convenience of transferring your Gemm car seat between vehicles with an extra in-car base. Compatible with the Joie Gemm.  

  • 20% Off! GoldBug Car Organiser

    GoldBug Car Organiser

    0 No Rating Yet
    $29.95 $24
    SAVE $5.95 Off RRP!

    The GoldBug Car Organiser provides a convenient storage solution for your travel needs, buckles easily to back of seat, wipes clean easily, removable waste compartment, tissue dispenser, heavy duty non-rip nylon material and attaches easily to back of seat.  

  • 15% Off! GoldBug Travel Tray

    GoldBug Travel Tray

    $19.95 $17
    SAVE $2.95 Off RRP!

    The Goldbug Travel Tray has a sturdy flat surface with padded sides to keep toys or snacks on the tray, it’s a great way to keep your child entertained.

  • 28% Off! Hurphy Durphy Seat Belt Buckle Guard

    Hurphy Durphy Seat Belt Buckle Guard

    0 No Rating Yet
    $24.95 $18
    SAVE $6.95 Off RRP!

    One of the biggest problems when travelling with babies and young children is the accidental undoing of seat belts. When that seat belt is securing your infant or baby seat, it’s an accident waiting to happen. The Hurphy Durphy Seat Belt Buckle Guard prevents the accidental release of the seat belt buckle when the car seat belt is not the primary restraint of a child. THIS PRODUCT HAS  BEEN DISCONTINUED - CLICK HERE FOR ANOTHER OPTION Car accidents are the Number 1 cause of death for children aged one to nine. A correctly used child restraint will reduce the likelihood of a child being injured or killed in a crash by 75% and with more than 3,000 Australian children injured in car accidents every year, Hurphy Durphy Seat Belt Buckle Guard is a great investment for any family. Recent research shows that about 70% of child restraints are not installed correctly and with around 1 in 5 child passenger fatalities on Australian and New Zealand roads resulting from the non use of any form of restraint, Hurphy Durphy Seat Belt Buckle Guard is simple to fit, easy to use and ultimately could save a life. Saves Little Lives Committed to In-Car Security for Kids Unique release action Suitable for all standard seat belt fixings