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Which Cot to Buy?

When asked by customers which cot should I buy? The short answer is that there is no way anyone can point to just 1.  Not without asking quite a few questions and understanding your specific needs.

If you are looking at any posts on the internet that say “Top 10 Cots for 2023” or “The best cots for 2023” etc. They are lying to you. There is no best cot for everyone. It’s just an article to get you to go to their website and buy from them.

Your Specific Needs

Every parents needs are different. Their circumstances are different. Their budget is different.

Cot Types

What we first do to determine the best cot for each parents specific needs is analyse the type of cot that is best for them. That could be a folding timber Cot, a compact cot, standard size cot or a round cot. In addition, we need to also work out if you need a convertible cot. That is one that converts to a toddler bed.

What’s the plan for baby from day 1 at home?

Before we do this, we need to know if you intend using a bassinet first. Or will baby go straight into the cot.

If they are going straight into the cot and you want baby in your master bedroom with you, then a compact cot may be best for you. The reason is that a standard size cot will not generally be able to be moved through a standard door way without being disassembled and re-assembled.

Which cot type?

  • Compact Cot: A cot for baby that is smaller than a standard size cot, but is able to fit through most standard door ways. This is ideal for smaller master bed rooms. In addition, can generally be easily moved from the master bedroom to the nursery. All without being disassembled due to it’s smaller size.
  • Timber Folding Cot: These are similar size to a mini cot, but have the benefit of being able to be folded and stored away. This makes them ideal for grand parents or members of the family who regularly baby sit.
  • Standard Size Cot: Ideal for most parents who either are using a bassinet in the master bedroom. Then moving baby to the standard size cot in the nursery. Or have a larger master bedroom and are okay with disassembling and reassembling when baby is ready to move to the nursery.
  • Round Cot: These can be a great all rounder. Although they are generally more expensive, they are generally more versatile. This is because they can be a bassinet that fits through standard door ways and then converted to a cot and then to a toddler bed. We have one that even converts to a playing table and chairs later on!
  • Ergonomic Cots: Ergonomic Cots are generally specifically made for the child care centres. They come in both standard size and mini size ergonomic cots. They are higher off the ground and much better for your back! If you have back problems. I highly recommend looking at an ergonomic Cot. Babyhood were the first to develop them and is our number 1 choice in this space.
  • Metal Cots: We do not recommend metal cots – see my article about all the reasons why we do not recommend metal cots.

Which Convertible Cot?

Next, you need to think about your plans for more children (assuming this is your first). If this is most likely to be your last child, then you definitely want to consider a convertible cot bed. This will save you purchasing a toddler bed in the future. Once baby is able to stand and get in and out of a bed on their own, a toddler bed is the next step. They are lower to the ground and have a safety rail to minimise the risk of falling out furring the night.

Even if you are intending having another, a convertible cot may still be ideal for you.  A lot of parents if the timing works out, will simply buy a toddler bed for their first. The new baby goes into the original cot with a new mattress. If you are doing this, always purchase a new mattress for the new child. Statistics indicate that using one mattress for more than one child is a cause for SIDS.

There are others things to consider, such as cots with wheels which I will discuss in another article soon. But make no mistake, the most important subject, more important than the cot that you select is the mattress you choose. I will be discussing this in my next article.

Cot Safety:

Do not assume that if a cot has a Standards Tag that it actually meets the Australian Standards. All this means is that a manufacturer paid an agent in the country it was made to state that it does and fill out the documents.  This is why there are plenty of cot recalls.

You should also be aware that cots sold only online are not generally checked by the ACCC. This is because they would have to buy every cot sold online which is not feasable. So unless there is complaints – these sellers get away with it.

A cot sold in retail stores is safer as the ACCC Safety team can come in to a store and inspect it on the spot.

The best way to know that a cot is actually safe is if it has been tested in the same lab that the ACCC uses. If it has, it will have the Furntec Blue Tick on a swing tag. Look for it, and you can be assured it is safe as it has actually been tested here in Australia.


I am sure from the above, you can understand exactly why it is important to do your research but also speak with a team of baby product experts.

The best way to choose the right cot type for your exact needs is to find true experts and ask for help.

I can not stress the importance of getting the right advice from true independent baby stores with highly trained bay product experts. Not just a sales assistant working in a large multi-store who may not even be working there next month. Nor is asking a manufacturer of cots – they will just tell you what they want to sell.

The key is getting advice from a true independent baby store with experts that have all options and brands for you.

We have a full team of highly trained staff on helping you decide which cot to buy.  Do not hesitate to seek advice from us. We are here to help.

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